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Solar Ambitions Great, But Clinton's Climate Talk Neither 'Bold nor Progressive'


Solar Ambitions Great, But Clinton's Climate Talk Neither 'Bold nor Progressive'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton's announcement that, if elected, she would to combat runaway climate change by expanding federal support of renewable energy—including a pledge to install 500 million solar panels on rooftops across the country during her first term—climate justice advocates are willing to applaud what's good about her proposals but are also pointing out what they see as fundamental and dangerous shortcomings.


Even if she meant well, HRC has demonstrated a fundamental inability to address issues without using the lenses of the corporatocracy to focus her perspective. She is yesterday’s news and is NOT entitled to the throne. Hopefully Bernie, Jill, or Liz will rise to the top while the Republican side show continues.


No surprise there. “Bold” and “progressive” are words that should never be used in the same sentence with Secretary Clinton and President Obama.


“…I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition…”
Eugene V. Debs

Waiting and hoping that Bernie, Jill or Liz will save the day is part of what got us into this mess.


Only as in boldly over-promised and progressively cynical. Never truer: follow the money.


If only? 500 solar panels is truly welcome news but after Obama’s bait and switch, it is hard to believe 'new* positions that suddenly appear on the campaign trail that never have been proposed before.

Nevertheless, to put solar panels on every rooftop in her first term would create so many jobs in America that our country would see a massive economic and cultural reinvigoration where Americans had money again like we did before Bush/Cheney took us down. Hillary would easily win a second term in a landslide but she would also win a rock solid place in history as one of the great presidents because she did an FDR ‘big scale’ jobs program / infrastructure renewal program.

What if?


if only?


Here’s a lady in her seventh decade who needs hundreds of consultants milling out position papers. It’s all flim flam, snake oil, and ledgerdemain. You can take the Wellesley girl out of Wellesley but you cannot take Wellesley out of the girl.


and isn’t it surprising how many people are not listening when they hear it?


She doesn’t mean well.


Yeah, you are right, along with Endgame. I’ve edited my post to read “meant” well. On that I think we all three can agree.


The problems stem from humankind’s activity - what we HAVE DONE. Any solution that does not address what we are doing and just advocates doing more stuff is like saying nuke bombs are dangerous, so let’s make some more conventional weapons… without getting rid of the nukes.

She’s a bag of wind energy… but not the type we need.


Clinton has unveiled a part of an energy plan, not a plan to deal with climate change.


How many solar panels on your house(s) right now Hillary?

And on a related subject: Quick, how many houses do you currently own?


Bernie Sanders has also submitted legislation for a carbon tax, which we need to accelerate the conversion to renewable energy:


As someone that uses solar energy, that is a very good question and I would bet the answer is zero!


The whole scene is out of the Rodger Ailes/Karl Rove school of propaganda.


redravensounds -
I agree that is why I said ‘If only’ and mentioned Obama’s bait and switch history. I also have a hard time believing in campaign trail promises that seem much different than previously held positions but we have a long way to go before the election and for her to have said this now means she will be responding to questions about it from now on. So we will see.

It is my theory that even someone who keeps saying that the smoke everyone smells is just from some campfire that once they start feel the flames themselves, no matter what they said before, they now want the flames to be put out. I want to believe that even politicians are sane enough to want to put out the flames eventually.

If Hillary really does have the wherewithal to do this massive create jobs/climate change initiative, then she will end up being one of America’s truly great presidents because the world will confirm that fact as the years go by.

Whether she really will do this or try some half measure or worse, we can’t say as yet.

In any case …madam… please remove that flipper of friendship from my shoulder (just kidding) … don’t let the biased flip you around on Bernie. He has a record that supports his environmentalism. A carbon tax would fund 500 solar panels (odd Hillary didn’t mention how it would be funded and how much would depend on homeowners?) and infrastructure repair/improvements.

With Bernie I tend to believe that he intends to do what he says. After Obama I tend to have strong doubts that mainstream politicians will!

If she could do this… she would not only be a historical first women president but she’d be a great president who happened to be a woman too.

The green party is sadly a throw away vote and serves the republicans. A few million less progressive/liberal/leftie votes that they don’t have to worry about. Unfortunately no one asks just what Jill’s qualifications are to even be president? That matters don’t you think?

In any case even Jill doesn’t expect to actually win… it is sad that some of her biggest supporters (and probably contributors pushing her to run) are republicans though… because they are. Naturally they don’t expect her to win either… just to leech away votes from the Dems (Hillary) or from Bernie.


Hillary is so incredibly NOT what this country needs. I’ll be putting all my energy into getting Bernie elected, and if that falls short? I think I’ll vote for the republican candidate. Why? Because things have to get worse before they get better, and people have to really feel what full-on fascism and disenfranchisement feels like. A few years ago, when I was still a sucker, I might have helped get her elected. No. No way. She missed her window. The world needs radical change, and right away. I’ll use the system we have in place to try to get Bernie elected, because I think we have to take the legitimate, optimistic route. However, if he crashes and burns, Hillary gets less than nothing from me. She might have started life as a true liberal, but now she’s totally bought and sold by her campaign donors. She’s not going to do anything more useful or radical than getting her name in the record books as the first woman president. Frankly, the only issue that matters at this point is the climate, and she’s got nothing. If she’s our best defense against climate collapse, then the whole planet is doomed. Frankly, it’s probably doomed already, but voting for Hillary isn’t going to change the situation one iota, so I won’t waste the gas to go vote for her. She’s the lady who wants to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m actually deeply offended by this ad she launched yesterday. It plays us all for fools, and it is all but an open declaration of her intention to let the fossil fuel industry dictate policy to the white house. Screw her. She wants to play these kinds of games? Fine. She isn’t a true liberal, and she sure isn’t a progressive. I’m just glad she’s being halfway honest about what she doesn’t stand for, because it makes it that much easier for me to work against her. Sad.


Half billion PV panels is hardcore greenwash.

How much methane gas will be burned to make that PV? How long to achieve net carbon displacement? Depending on location climate, tilt, cleaning, durability, it would take 5 years to never. PV and biofuels have dirty carbon footprints. Do the math. Question authority. Reject greenwash.

Support innovation. Passive solar, clotheslines, solar hot water, clean industrial process steam can power our society and protect our civilization. .


i wonder when the last time she truly meant well was. in a sense, i suppose they all mean well, in that they have blinded themselves with their hubris, thinking that we don’t know what’s good for us, and only through corporate rule, warfare, agribusiness and all the rest will the world continue to spin. Democracy is no longer a reality for them, and thus for us.

When do these people lose their soul connection? When did they let the idea that they all know better than us take over their psyches? i know we all have a light within, but i swear, once you think you have to lie to those you represent in order to “do good,” something has seriously gone wrong. it’s confusing.