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Solar Done Right


Solar Done Right

Greer Ryan

When you turn on the lights, you probably don’t think about Canada lynx or California condors, but the connection is real. We’re crowding out wildlife. Not just in the obvious ways by building strip malls, cutting down rainforests, and sprawling into suburbs, but through our supply chain for virtually everything we consume — including energy.


Great article about something new about solar… I believe it is called sanity!

The reality is that we change off fossil fuels or we suffer and suffer badly and far sooner than ever we thought we would. However, to change off fossil fuels we new need to change our grid. A new infrastructure is needed anyway so what is the problem? The problem is some people don’t want to switch off fossil fuels is why! They don’t want to actually change so to them the answer is to not create the infrastructure needed to change to renewables.

Solar awnings? Solar windows (lots of windows out there… I’ve seen them!), solar roofs, solar panels along roadways (yeah think about that one… Lots of roads huh? Median dividers? Solar panels along railroad tracks… And so on and so on.

Do we want change? Do we want jobs that change would bring? It is insane not to change when we would all benefit and the economy would zoom!

Meanwhile we are letting special interests discourage homeowners from putting solar roofs into the grid. No net metering means no solar for most people.

Our will to greed becomes insanity when it becomes a will to death and suffering.


The beauty of it is that we can solarize our homes ourselves or hire small companies that will do it for us right now. Why wait?


A lot of people are hesitating due to the impediments promoted by the Kochs and implemented by their government tools.


I would say organize those that want to solarize their homes and plan to do it together with contingencies for legal actions.

The people united can never be defeated.


Nothing to do with the Koch brothers. Going solar is not cheap. While all this renewable stuff is way cool, it cost money. People like to talk the talk but when it comes to paying up, you can hear nothing but crickets.


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Oil Change International

In the United States, credible estimates of annual fossil fuel subsidies range from $10 billion to $52 billion annually yet these don’t even include costs borne by taxpayers related to the climate, local environmental, and health impacts of the fossil fuel industry. As of July 2014, Oil Change International estimates U.S. fossil fuel subsidies at $37.5 billion annually, including $21 billion in production and exploration subsidies.

Read our new report
How much money do governments provide to support the oil, gas, and coal industries internationally?
Internationally, governments provide at least $775 billion to perhaps $1 trillion annually in subsidies. This figure varies each year, but it is consistently in the hundreds of billions. Greater transparency would allow for more precise figures.
You can find more information on the breakdown of national and international subsidies at our interactive website: ShiftTheSubsidies.org.


The solar panels on my roof are LOCAL (Like, they’re on my roof). I pay PNM (power in New Mexico) a pittance. Our excess goes into an account that we draw from on rainy days (Bring it on as we need it). No big profits for corporations. No big profits for fossil-fuel investors. No burning coal except when necessary…