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Solar Power Becoming Cheapest Energy Worldwide

Solar Power Becoming Cheapest Energy Worldwide

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

For the first time, solar power is becoming the cheapest form of electricity production in the world, according to new statistics from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released Thursday.

And who is the leader in solar manufacturing/production? probably not US which we should of been except for the destructive republican party who thwarted and obstructed that market.

What will happen under Trump? If it is able to make him more money maybe he will support it?


Obama’s been trying to revive nuclear (which he acknowledges currently cannot explain how to deal with dangerous production and waste, but he still has great faith that all that safety stuff will be worked out by smart corporate guys later) and go with “all of the above” (kind of like saying let’s eat healthy food and poison, for the sake of balance and not upsetting the poison industry) instead of vigorously calling for a path that might actually avert complete climate meltdown.

This is great news, but of course energy efficiency and just use of energy remain no less critically important. The energy of principled, inspired “fusion politics” (as Rev. Barber was explaining on Democracy Now! today) movement is also a self-renewing resource to be tapped joyfully.


This is another reason why efforts to fight climate change will likely continue forward regardless of what insane energy policies Trump puts on place.

This is why we must stop solar!
If we don’t, then we are in danger of running down the Sun!
And all of those windmills are also liable to blow the Earth right out of its orbit.
And worst of all, my Exxon-Mobil stock might go down a penny.
Mr. 1%


Distributed solar is good for each of us - and it might give us hands on experience with this technology, and even provide a minimum base for keeping the lights on, so to speak.

But nation states require control of major energy, and this is an imperative for them.

It is a fundamental requirement that only ‘they’ can afford this - this is reality.

Space-based solar, for example, or large facilities of a size comparable to a giant hydro-electric dam or coal or natural gas electric plant.

Both a distributed and state controlled mesh are hopefully in our future, if we have a future that is, which is highly uncertain.

We need the resources in the solar system now - both energy and material - and we need both of these to survive in the long term.

Conservation and simplification can only buy us time - they are not a ‘sustainable’ solution.

There is no stasis in the Universe that I have studied all my life - it would be a catastrophic mistake in thinking to even imagine that we can create some type of ‘steady state’ here on Earth.

Forward - or extinction.

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One of the major Solar Power companies in Germany was actually started up in Canada. While the Government in Canada at both the Provincial and Federal level were still willing to subsidize oil and gas with incentives, they were much stingier with Solar power startups which lead to that company relocating to Germany where it now a significant employer.


I have used solar energy to supplement my power for many years and I can say unequivocally, that I love it!


The energy may be “clean”

But are the hands of those who profit from it?

If you are still wondering just how a pompous jerk like Trump could manage to marshall together conservative forces sufficient to win the presidency after his blunder babble big mouth let loose…

Here is the reason. >>> the end (of the age of oil) is nigh !!!
Big oil is big business and power. BTW Russia is dependent on oil exports (not a coincidence).
Those vested interests in fossil fuels have realized that with Trump (and only with Trump) that they can turn back the clock on fossil fuels and continue keeping us dependent on oil, gas and coal for as long as possible.

It is an overt maneuver not covert. Corporate oligarch control … by the time Trump is finished, the government of the USA and our democracy will be corporate controlled.

So who will be energy secretary?

Coincidence that!!!


Coal seems on the way out no matter what Trump does. The people have ability to reduce the demand for oil. Basically buy more fuel efficient cars and use geothermal and heat pumps for heating instead of oil or natural gas. Congress passed a law requiring much better fuel efficiency for vehicles. The car companies are in the process of complying with the law. A number of states are requiring utilities to use a certain percentage of green energy for electricity. Offshore wind in the US is now a reality and more such wind farms planned. Rooftop solar is progressing and now utilities are tuning to solar because it removes the uncertainty over the price of fuel. There does not seem much that Trump can do to stem the transition to green energy. Plus, much of the public is quite concerned about climate change and know that when it comes to climate change Trump’s words are total bunk.

Germany pioneered solar about 2 decades ago with subsidies, but has since been replaced in that lead by China, which produced solar panels more cheaply.

The same happened with high speed rail (HSR). The Germans (Siemens) built the first HSR in Shanghai from the airport to downtown… Today China has not only by far the largest HSR system, but export their technology throughout the Eurasian continent, South America and even Africa.

Are the Germans crying, as we would be? Nah, there were at last count 400,000 vacancies begging for workers in the German manufacturing industry. Companies had to turn down orders, because of lack of manpower. Their association was hoping, that most of these jobs could eventually be filled by the refugees, which recently arrived.
Can you spell “free post secondary education and excellent industrial training programs”?
Listen to Bernie!


Instead of building pipelines, that money would be a whole lot better spent by investing it in solar arrays. But that would cut out the oil barons.
The big drawback in solar and wind generation is, that there are highs and lows in production. That would have to be resolved with storage. In Europe Norway accepts surplus energy from such sources (mostly wind) Denmark and other nearby countries uses it to pump water into high reservoirs, to feed turbines, when demand outstrips supply.
A Canadian Mining company with vanadium properties has built and installed an eight megawatt vanadium flow battery, - where else (?) in China - in their largest combined wind an solar installation, the Zhangbei Project.

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The only reason he can’t stop is because it’s now the cheapest form of new generation, nothing comes close to wind and solar, and why buy a more fuel efficient vehicle when you can get an EV, granted there’s a price to pay for a long range EV but that is changing with the Bolt now being delivered and the model 3’s coming next summer. These legacy car companies aren’t complying with the law, they are attempting to have the efficiency laws changed in their favor, which solidifies my choice to not buy another infernal combustion engined vehicle again.


We have A LONG way to go before we have to think about storage, any sort of energy storage. Not saying that it would be a bad thing to build along the way, but the idea that there is a maximum and that we have to figure out the perfect storage solution before building out renewables is false and only an attempt to stall.

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I fully expect solar energy to be resisted by the right-wing incoming administration. They will tax it and keep it from expanding in many areas . . . UNLESS we sign over the rights to purvey it to them.

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We have come accustomed to electricity on demand. That is difficult to achieve with a large percentage of renewable energy sources being of the variable kind, i.e. wind and solar. We cannot free ourselves from carbohydrates, unless we have means of storage

The article you quoted appears to belie your assertion that “we are a long way from needing storage”
QUOTE: But it does beg a question: If the grid is powered by “variable renewable energy” (or VRE), such as wind and solar (see graph above), what will happen when, as the detractors say, the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine? The answer, of course, is storage. But not nearly as much as the cynics suggest. And at not nearly the cost. UNQUOTE

Denmark, producing 140% of its energy demand through wind and solar solves this problem by exporting the excess to neighboring countries notably Norway, which uses it to pump water into elevated reservoirs, from which it can be retrieved on demand to power turbines. But I suspect, that even with its “overproduction” Denmark will still have to re-import power at certain times.

Storage solutions must become an integral component of any green energy strategy

You are correct about the US, but it is just one regressive island, soon to be submerged in a sea of green ambitions. We tend to focus on the horrendous air pollution in the large Chinese metropolitan regions, but not on the enormous efforts waged by that country to combat the problem.
Especially many small countries and island nations are already completely free of hydrocarbons (HG) for their power supply and are just waiting for electric vehicles to become more affordable to become completely HG free.
The sad part is, that while we are procrastinating in the HG past, we are missing out in developing our own technologies and will have to rely on importing those, when the future finally dawns on us too.

Maybe you overestimate Russia’s dependence on oil and (mainly) gas exports.
Due to our ill advised sanctions (sanctions are almost always ill advised) Russia has, due to the related drop of the value of the Ruble, been in a much better position then most producers to wither the low oil prices.
But that is not where the real benefit of sanctions against Russia lies for that country.
See: http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO15June2016.php

Excerpt: Today the Russian Federation is one of the world’s leading agriculture exporters. The total value of exports in 2015 to some 140 countries was estimated at $20 billion, fully $5 billion more than in 2014, an increase of more than a third in one year of sanctions . That was about 25% more than arms export earnings and fully one third earnings from export of natural gas.
Bold emphasis mine.
We do not get the full picture about Russia and China (and any place else) from our corporate media.
We have to dig for it.

GOP regurgitated over and over ad nauseum the anti green mantra ‘solyndra’ and it worked for dirty oil/coal/gas. now China is BY FAR number one in clean energy research/development/application/usage. STILL china is dealing with historical and current coal pollution causing millions of fatalities every year and one of top causes of death in China from using dirty climate catastrophe-causing fossil fuels. so as Trump makes US much dirtier, China will keep getting cleaner.

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