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Solar Surges: Renewable Energy Jobs Topped 8 Million in 2015


Solar Surges: Renewable Energy Jobs Topped 8 Million in 2015

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

On the heels of clean fuel milestones in Germany and Portugal , a new report finds that the renewable energy industry employed over 8.1 million people worldwide in 2015.


It's frustrating - and tantalizing - to wonder how much greater the growth would have been without the obstructionist infrastructure of the Koch Bros., Warren Buffet, et al.


Great point. Years ago I saw stats about how much more productive and sustainable it would be to make paper out of hemp - I'll have to look that up again...

I also recall a letter by one of the "founding fathers" (sic) - George Washington, I think - in which he advised young farmers, just starting out, to make growing hemp one of their first tasks.


Don't get to happy, the oligarchs are on it. Here in Nevada, Warren Buffet and his oligarch cronies, have effectively killed solar. They no longer have to pay for the energy they take/steal from you. They've made it so expensive, it's cheaper to use fossil fuel derived energy. I was just about to buy panels........Solar city has already left Nevada. They killed solar in the middle of a desert......lol


Maybe consider using batteries - but I'd use nickel iron (Edison) cells - which last indefinitely - near infinite cycle life. Don't use lithium - they are great for EV's but make no sense for stationary applications where weight does not matter, and will need to be completely replaced in 10-20 years.