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Solar With Storage Surges as Gas Falls


Solar With Storage Surges as Gas Falls

Jim Warren

There’s good news – outside of North Carolina – in the increasingly desperate fight to slow the climate crisis before its own momentum makes acceleration unstoppable. Economical storage, the long-sought Holy Grail of renewable energy, is surging in the marketplace while climate-wrecking fracked “natural” gas has begun to decline.

North Carolina is held back by Duke Energy executives’ obsession with gas and their obstructionist strategy toward solar and storage as they cling to the increasingly risky plan to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and some 20 gas-fired power plants.


Spending $80 million per year on green washing, shouldn’t Duke Energy earn the green washer of the year award ?


Duke Energy’s ratepayers ought to file a class-action suit to recover that $80M/yr.


Distributed energy sources will truly redefine Power in this country for the better.


Thank you Elon Musk, most of all.


Nope. Elon Musk is a shyster.

He takes fully developed technologies puts them in a hyped-up package, and claims them as his invention. The “powerwall” is just a ordinary lithium battery pack - and lithium is not even the best application for stationary storage applications, nickel iron is.

And don’t get me started on this “boring company” which used ordinary tunnel boring machines that have been around in Europe for decades.


A Direct Tax on Carbon would rid us of CO2 pollution and allow energy production to be governed by thermodynamics and the market place rather than Special Interests.


Each unit of Tesla’s home electricity storage system, the Wall, can provide roughly 3 hours of power at 5 Kw after the sun has set, and many more hours when run in series. Its smart phone run functions, small size and price, promise to win over many residential solar panel users.

Tesler is the Apple of home solar electricity. May it live long and prosper.