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Solidarity Forever: Essential Workers, Public Goods, and How We Are in This Together

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/16/solidarity-forever-essential-workers-public-goods-and-how-we-are-together


“While an older conservative movement that believed in sacrifice for the nation, the present conservative movement is more single mindedly committed to the ideology of YOYO- you are on your own. Any calls for solidarity are seen as calls for the bogeyman of socialism.”

Because the truth of the matter is the system we have now is anti-socialism, a term which we Progressives should ram down the troglodytes’ throats.


Sorry CD readers, perhaps if I’d have read this story before the one below it, I wouldn’t have vented so strongly about the situation we find ourselves in, in the other story.

This story does a good job of pointing out the reason we’re in this situation. After spending 15 years in the fire service, I’m having a hard time accepting that we truly are a YOYO society, but that’s my issue, and I must learn to deal with it. It would be great if it could be changed, but as @WiseOwl points out, there are many who would just scream “Socialism!”, and we can’t have that in out capitalist society.