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'Solidarity' From Around the World as Beirut Reels After Disaster Leaves 300,000 Displaced, Over 100 Dead, Over 4,000 Injured

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/solidarity-around-world-beirut-reels-after-disaster-leaves-300000-displaced-over-100


The Lebanese are already struggling with an economic disaster:




What country wants chaos in Lebanon, Syria,Iraq,Iran,Egypt ?


To put this in perspective, it only took one ton of ammonium nitrate to bring down Oklahoma City’s Murrow Building.


WTF now:


After a day, so few comments.

Aside from the devastation in the city and immediate environs, what will be after-effects in the future in the regions downwind from Beirut, especially the agricultural areas?

Certainly the disaster capitalists are probably smacking their lips at the prospect, current conditions be damned.

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Compare to other historic explosions for more perspective. I’m not sure where on this list the Beirut blast would be.

My heart goes to out to the people in Lebanon. Though the “incident” could have been related to a storage problem, I sure hope it wasn’t an act by the west to further destabilize the region and knock out help for the Iranians in the event of a war w/ Iran. But there are bat shit crazy people in power so anything is possible.

Well, I guess “all” we need to do, to blow up a failed country like Lebanon, is to send them a ship filled with illegal explosives/fertilizer. The STUPID officials are sure to warehouse and ignore the risky substance, forget it for years and years, and let a fireworks factory go up right next door.

After which it’s just a matter of time…