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Solidarity Includes Wearing a Mask at Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/04/solidarity-includes-wearing-mask-protests


What you can do to PROTECT OTHERS at demonstrations:

  1. wear a mask (an actual surgical mask way better than a bandana or dickie where the weave is too loose. (This goes for police too).
    • wear goggles to protect your own eyes
  2. sanitize (if possible, wash) hands frequently
  3. try to keep a social distance (6 ft) - do not linger and breath on someone close to you
  4. recognize that yelling, sneezing, and coughing projects and spreads air and vapor and take appropriate precautions to avoid spread

Police - stop the tear gassing and pepper spraying.


What can YOU do to protect others, Norman?

  1. Stop lecturing us
  2. Write something useful, like a critique of our completely phony opposition party (D)
  3. Expose the links between the looting and violence and rightwing groups of provocateurs operating in cooperation with the police
  4. Expose the cowardice of the so-called “Progressives” in Congress who voted for the HEROES and CARES acts, so-called
  5. Educate the people on the legal instruments for the looting of our economy, from trade pacts to the way in which tens of trillions of dollars has been off-shored to tax havens
  6. And if you can’t do those things, SHUT THE HELL UP and go away!

Am cringing at seeing so many not wearing face masks or pulling them down to lean in and talk to each other (including Amy Klobuchar) at memorial service for George Floyd.

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Don’t spread one disease while fighting for an end to another

Maybe protesters could chant in sign language, and use the sounds of rhythm instruments to draw attention to the protests.

Yeah, I think this column lecturing brave protesters is pretty bad. I admire them if they do or don’t wear masks. They have tremendous courage and the right priorities.

Actually a better reason to wear masks is to help avoid police surveillance! which is a bigger risk to them. You had better have told them that and to take only a burner phone than this lecture.

They are outside where it’s less risky; and masks are not necessarily on the evidence all that effective (despite the propaganda). This is the LEAST important thing about the situation. (but many of them are wearing masks, and that’s fine - but there is SO MUCH MORE of much more import) If some are too miserable wearing masks in the situation and don’t want to, that’s absolutely FINE too in my book.

(obviously unless they are sick, but then they should and I presume are staying home)
Pretty damn lame column.

Dude, I can’t even go into the local mom-n-pops food stores or the farmers market I usually shop at for you know, food and booze, without a mask.

What do you suggest?
Hunting and gathering?

And what do you suggest for workers in close quarters work environments like warehouses?
Taking one for team by becoming super spreaders to stick it to the ruling class – how does that work?

I am fine with my protesters of all sorts.