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Solidarity—Plus 10 Other Reasons Women Showed Up to March


Solidarity—Plus 10 Other Reasons Women Showed Up to March

Hannah Norman

An ocean of hand crafted signs and pink knitted hats flooded the capital a day after Donald Trump took office. Officials estimated over 500,000 marchers in Washington, D.C. Thousands of others took to city streets across the country and abroad as a show of solidarity against the new president’s agenda, which has been marked by misogyny and racism.


... and good humor. I'm so proud of the sisterhood (and our children).


Millions of clothed strong women will surely scare the piss out of The Ridiculously Unpopular Misogynistic Pretender.
Let's all watch.


Hannah, or anyone else. Is there a web site folks can go to for finding local organized efforts connected with this obviously & rapidly metastasising movement? It would be grand to see something like this in an article about this movement. Thanks.


Here's a follow-up site:


Where are the marchers going?


Hannah or anyone else, Those pink knitted 'Pussy Hats' are so cute. Anyone know of someone selling them. I would proudly wear one in solidarity with all my sisters.


I believe there was a pattern published and people made their own. There are many patterns out for the basic shape.

My favorite photo so far is of 2 Portland policemen wearing them.


Indeed. Thanks.


DJT doesn't listen to any march or protest. I marched in Chicago during my lunch hour for ERA--then came RR and it was never ratified. I am not giving up--I'm just afraid our alternative against the crazies is guns--I don't own one. I will still march and try--what else can we do? The Tea party is trying to take over our school district in ABQ in a couple weeks, so I will vote and talk to people,