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Solidarity Politics to Resist the Coming Regime


Solidarity Politics to Resist the Coming Regime

Deborah S. Rogers

Many have issued clarion calls for resistance against the neofascist headed for the White House, his odious henchmen in tow. Few, however, have outlined all the steps needed to block Trump’s repugnant agenda and build a united movement that can upend the power dynamic in this country. Here’s my list: two popular suggestions, and four that take us well outside our comfort zone.


Before that we need to wake up from our eight or more year slumber.
While we have been sleeping, we have allowed without anyone being held accountable:
(1) Torture in our name to continue at the Guantanamo Concentration Camp.
(2) Kill and assassination lists.
(3) Weaponized drones far more terrifying than Hitler's V2 rockets.
(4) Militarized police doing the bidding of the 1%
(5) Erosion of any privacy we may have had.
(6) Criminalization of patriotic whistleblowers
(7) Total destruction of an independent Press
(8) Unchecked climate change
(9) Destruction of public education
(10) Lots more too numerous to list here


Realistically, many recognized that the Obama administration was our last possible chance to pull the "masses" back together, to push back against (what does meet the definition of) the fascist movement. Efforts to do this were successfully defeated. We're more deeply split apart by class and race than we were a decade ago, middle class vs. poor, black vs. white.

At the least, do you really imagine that the poor now want to Stand in Solidarity to protect the advantages of those who decided that the poor are undeserving of the most basic human rights (UN's UDHR) of food and shelter?


The US has been in the process of implementing this agenda (everything on your list) ever since the 1980s. Who is going to do anything about it, and what can they do? I rather doubt that the government is interested in the piles of petitions for/against this or that.


Very good ideas. A list to remember as we gather to fight.


While I cant't speak for all who are poor and only for myself as a socialist I sure as hell plan on continuing solidarity with all who are affected by this. Obama in his first term had both houses, he had the bully pulpit but wanted to play ball, so it seemed, with the obstructionists and racists and he wasted no time in appointing Goldman Sachs banksters in his cabinet not an indication he was going to be a friend to the poor. Also tragically, he got the to-do list reversed and instead of jobs he pushed for a mandated for profit health insurance that clearly played out as robbing Paul to pay Peter. He could have been great had he chosen to be so and maybe be only a one term president instead he chose neoliberalism. Oh, yeah I did vote for him. Consider aligning with those who have stood with the poor. And yeah, I agree we need to do a lot more than petitions. Total non cooperation is looking more and more to be the way as per article:

"[M]ake it impossible for governments to act against the public interest by withdrawing their consent and cooperation."


When will another Martin Luther King arrive?


Yes, all true. And: we still need to have each others' backs, right now.

Allowing our need for healthy relationships to come after almost everything is a big part of how we got in this mess.

Failing to give relating the time, attention and tools it requires is a big part of how we got in this mess.

Hair of the dog won't help this hangover!


Economic boycott we all can do:


Progressives will win hearts and minds one salvo at a time. Just keep reminding the right wingers in your life that Trump will finally cut medicare and Social Security to balance the budget and make sure that billionaires never pay taxes again and the military has all the dough it needs to protect us. Seeing how Mike Pence and Eddie Munster have been planning these changes for years, by the end of Trump's first hundred days we will all sleep better.

Thanksgiving will be the perfect opportunity for us to start winning right wingers' hearts and minds.


Obama's promise wasn't defeated by anything other than Obama's insincerity. It was a con from the jump as evidenced by his cabinet choices and the number of defeats he suffered without ever once engaging in a battle. In an on-going battle between bankers and people, Obama sided with bankers every time.


Just rewatched the Oscar-winning foreign film "Z," based on a true story about the assassination of a leftist crusader in Greece in the Sixties, in collaboration with the military regime. "Z" was meant to refer to the Greek letter Zi, meaning "he lives." Lambrakis' death as a martyr served as a rallying cry for reform in right-wing fascist Greece and that government was forced to resign (good luck w/ that here).

That, and reading "It Can't Happen Here," by Sinclair Lewis in 1935, is a novel describing a newly elected fascist government in the US. That President is so like Trump that it raises neck-hairs. He has his militarized thugs, just like Trump did and may yet again. And he represses anyone who disagrees with him.

All this reminds me that many, many countries have experienced fascist regimes and gotten past it. In fact, Western Europe seems to have learned some positive lessons in reaction to internal fascism. (That may still revert and cycle back around.)

But the United States has not yet had that experience. Our government was set up with some safeguards and so it took a while. But nothing is totally impermeable to man's greed and lust for power. It's possible that Americans will require that interim fascist experience, horrible though it would be, to mature into a sustainable democracy that values the rights of a democratic majority instead of the current predominant romantic infatuation with rugged individualism.

Individualism is a child's perspective, with little regard for others. Societies come together to protect the greater whole, including the weak and vulnerable. Only a mature society can desire and thus engineer the way to adequately do that and then protect that engineering.

We can always hope . . .


Seeking power outside ourselves concedes weakness. That's why Trump was elected. The poor and weak no longer can look to the Democratic Party to support their needs. In Trump the powerless seek one powerful individual to do battle for them --even if it's a reckless and vengeful plundering of Washington D.C. Their frustration, anger, fear, and hate seek revenge.

The whole point of this article is that we need to regroup, get our priorities straight, and insert our combined, focused energies into righting the ship of state to become representative of the best interests of all the people.

Make America Smart Again.
Build power synergistically, democratically.


Good News.....There are masses of Bernie supporters ready to be mobilized for a start. And those ranks are growing. I think there is no debate that Sanders would not have cleaned Trump's clock, despite all the vote rigging that would have happened.

The first part of the struggle has many hopeful signs, like having Keith Ellison as the likely chair of the DNC. Its not a perfect move and he is not the perfect choice, nor will the Democratic Party under Ellison's possible leadership reflect the perfect idealology. But those are the right opening moves in the most important current struggle. And that is to purge the party of the DLC / Clinton cancer.

If we look at the work before us, it seems daunting, so lets look at one step at a time. Reform the Democratic Party into something resembling a progressive organization, as well as growing other political parties (Greens, Socialists, etc).

Oh, did I mention getting the Clintons and their DLC enablers the hell out of the Democratic Party?


I will be happy if we make "America" decent for the first time.


Yes I did get the point of the article but don't you see that having the charismatic and deeply compassionate voice of a Martin would serve us well in unifying all the many concerns and demands we have? Right now we are all over the place.I truly hope a true and enlighten leader emerges from this and it probably would be best that he or she not be a politician as they have too many personal ambitions.


A suggestion - one strategy needs to be to Occupy Republican offices until the Party denounces fascism (Steven Bannon must not be in the West Wing) and climate denial (Facts Matter). No business as usual for those who would destroy our humanity and our environment.

"We are human beings!

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!" - Mario Savio


I would rather another Malcolm


Can Ms. Rogers say, "class conflict?" It will help us organize and to "have each others' back" when we see this as a class struggle. There are two basic classes operative at this time: those who own and control everything, and those who own and control nothing. Queers, bi's, girls, boys, yellowbrownblacks and reds ....we are all in the same class. When we get that through our thick skulls we will be able to organize effectively against the oppressors, the war mongers, those who covet profit and power over life. How much longer do we need to see the light? Workers of all lands, Unite!


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