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Solidarity Will Turn the Impossible Into the Inevitable

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/10/solidarity-will-turn-impossible-inevitable

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Joe Biden explicitly asserts he will not defund the po-po.
In fact, he proposes giving more money to the po-po so they can pretend to reform themselves.

I trust the Democrats, and that’s the problem.
I trust them to talk bullshit, while maintaining the status quo.
At one point in time, Hillary would have described George Floyd as a super predator.
These leopards don’t change their spots.

Stay in the streets. Expand the protests to general strikes. Video of everything the po-pooo do.


Some of us are interested in the whole tamale: the carceral state in all its avenues and byways, especially including those laws custom-crafted to transfer slave-labor into the slave camps. Laws against drugs and prostitution, sold to the public as a means of protecting someone from something, have utterly failed by any objective criterion – unless you recognize the actual objective of such laws: to lock up a fair number of folks indiscriminately.

It seems to me many commentators on the Floyd Rebellion lose sight of the functional context of police terror: erecting the carceral state.


Derek Chauvin, the cop who murdered George Floyd, had been cited sixteen times and reprimanded in writing twice for offenses against African Americans. He clearly was prejudiced. I hope that someone in Minnesota looks into why he was not fired long ago. One of the reforms that may come from this is movement toward a national data base that would head off bad cops simply moving to another jurisdiction.


The black Agenda Radio for the week of June 8 gives a terrific account of the carceral state and its’ history. Did you listen to it?

This article by Kymone Freeman and Nancy J. Altman gives a good list of reforms necessary to improve “the carceral state”


We also need to expose the PRIVATIZED ownership of prisons and the corporations using enslaved labor, boycott those using it and lay out the full cycle of “business” in this form of predatory capitalism. The obscenity of anything even like this being permitted to exist in the 21 st century needs to be made public on the MSM and the principles eliminating it readily voiced by children and fully explicable by adults.

Here is the “Collateral Consequences” page of The Sentencing Project

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I add that the Justice Department report on Ferguson might provide important insights to the administrative side possibly in need of reform.

This mass world-wide BLM awakening is critical to the advancement of humanity.

But this ‘uprising moment’ must rapidly advance to the real transcendent meaning of the “I Can’t Breathe” rallying cry.

We are a mere handful of years, perhaps months (if we’re not already too late) to tear down the world-wide Corporate/Fascist state that is driving our home planet’s climate quickly out of its stability zone.


In as little as ten years, we could find the average planetary temperature increased by 20 degrees F, and at that point, for most of the current temperate world, standing outside for twenty minutes would be lethal - none of us will literally be able to breathe!

We can debate whether the worldwide Corporate/Fascist state is intentionally or incidentally racist, and though I think the evidence is pretty overwhelming on that score, the fact is incidental to the need to tear that edifice down if we as a species are going to have a chance to survive.

Electing the addled “Sleepy Corporate Joe” to the Whitehouse will do nothing to change this terminal trajectory.

Let’s stay in the streets, and keep yelling “I Can’t Breathe”, and demand defunding of police, but also non-violently march on to the Corporate headquarters, and their janitorial and security services (also known as our Government) and tear down those edifices (rhetorically, of course)!


BLM solidarity is “critical to” the SURVIVAL “of humanity”, AND “critical to advancement of humanity”.

The alternative is the downward spiral the 99% are in will accelerate into global neofeudalism, a new dark age.


Could not agree with the authors more here. We need more and more of this clear-eyed, direct analysis of this moment - a moment borne of centuries of systemic oppression of poor people the world over - and lists of necessary reforms that benefit all. The beauty of this moment, in all its difficulty and tragedy, is that we are finally having a real conversation in this country. We need to keep naming the problem, no matter how uncomfortable it makes comfortable people. We must come out of denial. We must risk offending the Jeff Bezoses of the world, and we must not let them hijack this moment with woke tokenism, which they are attempting right now in a desperate bid to fool people that they are not our oppressors.
Stay in the streets, those that can. Grow your numbers. Reject the arguments made by the powerful that have kept us all down. Justice for all or justice for none. We literally can’t take any more of what these people have to offer (nothing for us, everything for them.) And a great shame on our ruling elites who - on purpose - work to keep, expand and exploit our two-tier systems in this country, across the board. They must all be called out, confronted and removed.


My demonstration, march, and protest signs — which I’ve used in Portland, Maine and Portsmouth, NH. weekly since 2017 had simply said on two sides to join Bernie in:

“Our Revolution”

and on the other side for the younger generation:


But now, my newer BLM ‘Woke’ double-sided demonstration, march, and protest signs incorporate and simply say:


and on the other side simply say:


Brother Cornel West, Chris Hedges, Kevin Zeese, et. al. are all totally correct — that EMPIRE is the seminal cancerous disease infecting all Issues.

And as I often try to educate folks:

“Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” in 2020 translates politically into:
“Can’t see the Empire for the Issues”


Prison for all murderers in blue, got to happen! Otherwise the military fascist police state that is amerika will continue to get more oppressive!

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We want body cameras to record when there is violence but not when there isn’t. If they recorded all the time, they would surveil everyone in the vicinity, everywhere the cop goes.

We can’t depend on the good will (and attentiveness) of cops to turn the cameras on and off when they ought to be on and off. So I’ve proposed a technical system to do it automatically.

More info at ‘stallman dot org’

Not only were there protests in the streets here there are protests around the world