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Solidarity With Medical Students Who Demand Single Payer Now: An Open Letter


Solidarity With Medical Students Who Demand Single Payer Now: An Open Letter

Medical Students for Single Payer Healthcare

We, the undersigned, stand together with medical students as they pressure organized medicine to support a single, comprehensive health care system for everyone in America.


Single Payer is the answer.

Make no mistake, we already have rationed health care in the US. It is rationed by one’s ability to pay.


Single-payer has been the answer for the following “enlightened” countries for years and DECADES:


This is what truly progressive organizing looks like. Look at the long list of student and progressive orgs working for TRUE SINGLE PAYER and rejecting healthcare for profit and the milk-toast Medicare for All meme.



Not sure what you mean by “rejecting… the Medicare for All meme.” From their letter, they support single-payer and they also embrace the Medicare for All frame for single-payer:

“… a single-payer national health program, a system that would be publicly financed but privately delivered and is better known as “Medicare for All.” This week, members of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association will submit a resolution asking the American Osteopathic Association to support Medicare for All.”
– and –
“Medicare for All would give health care providers more autonomy because their clinical judgement—not the financial bottom line of insurance companies—will guide patient care.”


Thanks. I didn’t read closely enough. I fear that the “Medicare for All” frame is going to yield Single Payer for none as the lib/progs claim victory after “improving” Romney/Obamacare.


“Market-driven healthcare” ?

The current system is more like extortion driven healthcare.