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Solidarity with Standing Rock


Solidarity with Standing Rock

Rhea Suh

Some environmental victories come in the form of a single, decisive moment: the president’s signing of an executive order, for example, or the long-awaited announcement of a jury verdict or Supreme Court decision.

Other victories are more incremental: less the result of a moment than a movement, one that has grown and strengthened over time. Right now, in North Dakota, we’re witnessing the blossoming of one such movement. We’re also witnessing, once again, just how effective individuals can be when they band together and collectively speak truth to power.


Now that CD has brought this protest to the fore, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.
Congratulations to the CD staff for their foresight and humanity.


Solidaridad, there is No other way!


These are my fellow citizens and my fellow human beings under attack by a thuggish corporation that knows nothing about human values nor human need for clean water in order to live. How can we explain life to an entity which has no life? We can't. That is why we banded together to create a government powerful enough to do what no one of us has the power to do separately. At this moment, 9/13/16, our government seems to be operating as we envisioned. As long as our Government continues to protect the PEOPLE we can relax and rejoice, but at the first sign it no longer hears us we need a national strike that shuts everything down until hearing is restored. We all know our Native Tribes have received raw deals since the White Man arrived on this continent. Isn't it time we make a stand to defend one and all? Now is the time we say "YES, he's my brother and YES, she's my sister, and we stand UNITED against those willing to harm ANY in our family!"


Kind of a feel good piece from the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council sort of reassuring us to trust the process and cheer on the Obama administration and the Justice Department for 'making the right call'...
Nowhere in this piece does the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council suggest that the oil be kept in the ground, and that's an important point to be noticed.
A perusal of NRDC's Board of Trustees https://www.nrdc.org/board-trustees reveals some interesting names with interesting connections, including a partner with Heronetta Management, L.P..
What's Heronetta Management, L.P. stake in this, and just where are they likely to stand on the idea of keeping the oil in the ground? A quick Google search generates among other things this:
"Spectra Energy Partners LP is engaged in the transmission storage and gathering of natural gas the transportation and storage of crude oil and the transportation of natural gas liquids (NGLs. The Company owns and operates natural gas transmission gathering and storage assets and crude oil transportation and storage assets in central southern and eastern United States as well as western Canada."

Not sure what to make of this contribution to CD, however the skeptic within has to ask is this merely yet another corporate green-washing piece intended to misdirect scrutiny, as well as serving a function of industry damage control?
Just askin'
edit: made a correction regarding regarding NRDC position in second sentence


I appreciate all the updates with what's going on over there in Standing Rock.


The case filed by Earth Justice was narrow ( mean s they sued on a small point ). However, the court ruling offers a blueprint for a much larger re-filing on broader and varied legal grounds. It was an interesting development. The parties are re-filing. We shall see...