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Solitary Confinement is 'No Touch' Torture, and It Must Be Abolished


Solitary Confinement is 'No Touch' Torture, and It Must Be Abolished

Chelsea Manning

Shortly after arriving at a makeshift military jail, at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, in May 2010, I was placed into the black hole of solitary confinement for the first time. Within two weeks, I was contemplating suicide.


Chelsea Manning is 100% right as usual.

I plan to vote for Dr. Jill Stein for president, the only candidate who has expressed interest in using presidential power to release Chelsea Manning and other political prisoners, including Ed Snowden and Julian Assange.


Chelsea's description of the isolation of the Marine brig in Quantico sounds like systematic insanity. The fact that it was done without a psychiatrist's authorization is small comfort since I am sure there are enough shrinks worthy of belonging to the order of Dr. Mengele who would gladly volunteer for the duty to rubber stamp whatever the military wanted to do. After all their cousins in the profession, the psychologists, were responsible for fine-tuning General Miller's torture program at Gitmo.
It also occurs to me that those two guards were as much prisoners confined to solitary as was Chelsea (of course they could leave after their duty shift ended each day), but can you imagine having to sit and stare at someone in such confinement for 8 hours a day?


Bravo Chelsea. You do the right thing by keeping this issue alive in the press. People have spent decades in solitary which is just so utterly evil to do to any human being. They were lost in the hubbub of everyday life and their suffering just went on and on. They didn't have someone with a media voice like you have to advocate for them. Our modern day dungeons, prolonged solitary is simply trying to drive somebody crazy. It serves no other purpose but to increase the level of punishment beyond imprisonment. You are an extrodinary human being and a person of honor and justice. Bravo madam. Bravo!


Chelsea Manning, you are more of a hero than the goons who keep you locked up.

And your strength of spirit is amazing. Most people come apart, that is, their psyches split when kept under such intensive scrutiny and isolation.

Just as Lech Walesa, Nelson Mandela, and Jesus Christ spent time incarcerated and ended up spearheading major changes; I have a feeling you are also destined for a 180 turn-around.

Courage like yours (coupled with a deep sense of humanity) is rare.

Stay strong. The Light is with you. Always.


In the 1950, 1960s and 1970s and even unto the 1980s didn't "we" fight the Cold War to stop the evil and nasty KGB from doing this to "us"? What a waste of money when we could have done it to ourselves so cheaply. No wonder "we" have now stopped fighting the cold war. The KGB is now "us".


Yet the war criminals that created Chesley Manning are living it up.


Chelsea was subjected to this torture as a warning to other military whistleblowers.

Tell the truth and your life will be a living hell.

Obama, as Commander in Chief, is responsible for this. If he could he'd treat government whistleblowers the same.