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Solving Donald Trump's Mystery

Solving Donald Trump's Mystery

César Chelala

Recently, as I picked up a book from my bookcase, I realized that one word in its title had the answer to a problem that for months had been bothering me. The book is “The voice imitator” by the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. And the word that solved the mystery, you may already have guessed it, is “imitator”. What imitators do, in many cases is impersonate a celebrity.

" By becoming the real President, Mr. Trump can avoid such tragic fate."

Ya, that’s not going to happen. Nice try though.


I don’t think Trump is seriously mentally ill but I do think like millions of Americans he is addicted to Twitter. Social media often brings out the worst in people in addition to addicting them and it appears this is what happened to Trump. Although in the case of Trump it is hard to see his good side. Maybe it didn’t make it out of childhood or it is limited to parentling. Trump doesn’t have the temperament or talent to be a real president. Real presidents are screened during the election process and somehow he got through that by acting like an ignorant jerk. That is apparently what he is from what we have seen so far. He won because he was able to get the racist vote and it turned out that vote is much larger than anyone thought based on all the surveys and studies that have been done. There is a new book out by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz in which the author describes how he used Google search data to try to understand how Trump won and his results should that there is much more racism than then we thought and it isn’t just largely in the south but can be found throughout the part of the country east of the Mississippi. Trump did well in those areas that the Google data showed had the highest percentage of racists.

Have you noticed that Trump is treating his presence in the Oval Office in much the same way as a guest appearance on some entertainment tonight TV show? Trump is so caught up in his narcissistic “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” self image obsession that even though he is the president of the United States that he will still erupt in a name calling hissy fit if he doesn’t like something said about him?

How are other world leaders supposed to take such a person seriously. They also know what a nation’s leader has to deal with in a day and they must marvel that Trump willingly reveals that he has a lot of extra free time to spend twittering while they do not! It is like one of those ‘Freaky Friday’ (?) movies where the teenager switches bodies with the parent. When Trump gets upset he throws an immature tantrum in response like would an immature teenager. The author of this piece may have hit on the mystery of Trump indeed! Trump imitates a president because he is an immature spoiled brat teenager with deep insecurities who is imitating a grown up!

Why does it seem that Trump has so much free time anyway? Is the answer that Trump imitates by acting in the role of a working President while others actually do the job? In Trump’s case ‘Artlessness imitating Art’ instead of it being ‘Art imitating Life’?"

Also… have you noticed that Trump gets really cranky whenever he gets a bad review? His aides may try to present this as evidence that Trump is a fighter but name calling and crankiness are the weapons of a spoiled child!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”


He definitely has some observable problem behaviors though, diminished impulse control for one. It reminds me of the research project at the NIMH that the story the Rats of NIMH is based on. It is essentially how behavior is changed by scarcity. He is a now a world class predator among many.