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Somali Refugees Massacred Off Yemen Coast When Helicopter Attacks Boat


Somali Refugees Massacred Off Yemen Coast When Helicopter Attacks Boat

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

At least 31 Somali refugees are dead after the boat they were traveling in from Yemen to Sudan was attacked by what might have been a U.S.-made Apache helicopter.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) confirmed "dozens of deaths and many dozens of survivors brought to hospitals."


How nice. The US freezes and reduces the number of Muslim refugees coming in from these banned and war-torn Muslim states, while selling arms to Muslim Saudi Arabia so they can shoot down Muslim refugees on their way to somewhere else. If that isn't distinct and devastating discrimination, I don't know what is. Saudi Arabia may temporarily be an ally, but is not a friend and will never be a democracy (maybe light years in the future).

Trump says, 'We gotta do this ban, ban the bad guys.' Just exactly who are the bad guys at this point?

Why on Earth are we arming the planet? And why do I have to keep asking this question? (I know the profit-driven MIC is behind it, but good gawd, the coffee has been brewing for over sixty years. You would think more than a few people in power could smell it, think beyond the next quarter's profits, and extrapolate the dangers of weapons sales across the globe.)


Death and destruction sown around the world by US. "But the profits for our glorious arms industry are very satisfying. So let US celebrate!"

I feel ashamed!


Didn't we do this already?


Why do indigenous US 'indians' allow their proud name 'Apache' continue to be associated with a war machine used to kill/maim innocent people?


Allow? Since when do they have any power or even a voice?


To blame it all on the US is ludicrous and lazy. Of course we are doing many wrong things but so is the Rest of the World including France, Saudi/Gulf!!, all Muslim countries and yes i mean ALL, & Russia, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada.....research all the WORLD does. We are stuck in a cycle and there is fear if anyone has the integrity to pull out, they will get creamed by the others. Besides that WHO has integrity today? What country? Tiny Denmark? Do we even remember what integrity is?