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Some Lessons of the American Uprising 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/05/some-lessons-american-uprising-2020

It remains to be seen as to whether or not the United States of America has “learned” that just because a Trump voted out and replaced by a “Nothing will fundamentally change with me as President” Joe Biden , that nothing will really change.


The first part of this is delusional. If Trump doesn’t reform (odds: 0.0%) then the American people can vote him out and restore justice. Well it isn’t just Trump–The Dems are quietly complicit and shoved the unelectable Biden into the nomination–there is a good chance he will be reelected. Then there is the chance that Republicans will cheat in whatever ways they need to to win. Then there is the chance that Biden wins, and Trump refuses to vacate, says it was fraudulent, stirs up his very well armed cult and orders the military to fend off Biden’s team–creating a crisis and likely a a civil war. And then, even if Biden wins, Trump accepts it or his attempts to stir insurrection fail–then what? Then we have Biden! Yay, all our problems solved, a friendlier face in front of the Deep State, only one in front of a faltering brain.

The author is woefully naive if he thinks that by getting Trump out of office will result in any changes at all except for those empty and most superficial kinds of tweaks we have all grown accustomed to. Things like… “Do to the massive amounts of school shootings, we will now require the mentally ill to wait a full week before purchasing an assault weapons and 100,000 rounds of ammunition” or “Do to the fact that Iran has caused so much hardship for average Iranians, we will now impose even more severe sanctions against Iran to stick it to the poor Iranians ten fold!” Public policy never reflects the public’s demands and to think that some protests or cries for help from the poor and dispossessed will change anything, is wishful thinking at best.
The only advice the author should have given is… “If America is serious about change, it is the duty of every American to vote this November to make sure that no Democrat or Republican is elected to office!”
Of course this won’t happen. Instead some Americans will vote for one of the two Wall Street Party’s while most Americans will sit this election out because they won’t see a point in participating in this rigged political spectacle. The corporate media will then dutifully applaud those Americans who voted for any of the corporate approved candidates and then tell us why universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, reforming the ridiculous electoral system, funding more public education and expanding our military footprint are all counter productive to our well being. This is the reality of America today and until most Americans figure out that both party’s are servants of the 1% and that any corporate sycophant is unfit for political office, nothing will change.

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Possibly the most overly optimistic article ever published by CD.

Trump can easily win re-election.
And if doesn’t, Biden spent his career getting tough on black folks.
All the Man has learned over many decades is that oppression works.

You mean to tell me nobody here thinks removing Orangeman just might accompany a significant turning-down of the oppression volume-knob? These threads are frequented by a crowd who affect nihil-hipness by never believing in anything, never seeing anything good anywhere.

Minneapolis kicking the police out of their schools is a good thing. Quite real for the formerly-oppressed children of Minneapolis – but I guess anyone who appreciates a reduction in police terror, or thinks it possible today, is incomprehensible to the (apparently “white”) nihil-hip crowd.

Black Lives Matter Plaza is a good thing. Quite real, even from space, and legendary revenge to boot!

Knocking Robert E. Lee off his pedestal in Virginia: good, real, permanent. We can go on, but even physical accomplishments are “delusional” to the nihil-hip crowd. You guys must be so much fun at parties – compulsively draining the air from everyone’s balloons.

Only Orangeman’s minions would (vainly) attempt to persuade you the American Spring is no big deal. Why else would they be carrying his water like this, right now? I’m just disgusted, sorry. It’s not cool to challenge the whole thread like this, but some of you, at least, could benefit from a better understanding of the historical moment. It might be a matter of life and death.

Just a few more lessons learned by the Floyd rebellion to add to this list.

  1. the American people have learned that the Democratic party has done nothing for them, except in thoughts and prayers and nice words - as Floyd would have been tortured to murder even if Clinton were president, just as Michael Brown and 1,000 others per year were murdered by police during the Obama administration

  2. the American people have learned how deep and pervasive the brutality of the American police is and how well protected they are, especially from democratic mayors such as DeBlasio

  3. the American people have learned the reason why those brownies murdered over seas are never in the media or part of the topics of presidential campaigns