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Some Liberals and Arms-Control Experts Are Cheering for War Profiteers to Be in Biden’s Cabinet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/30/some-liberals-and-arms-control-experts-are-cheering-war-profiteers-be-bidens


Sorry Norman, but you don’t get to clutch your pearls now. You wanted everyone to vote for status quo Joe, and now you are shocked, SHOCKED, that he would surround himself with status quo Third Way Toadies.


The Biden Cabinet is going to be very much like the Obama cabinet, with strong support for wars of regime change, corporate consolidation, starvation sanctions against countries with socialist governments like Venezuela or non-aligned nations like Iran. I also expect more secrecy in government/military actions because secrecy will be critical to limiting push back from the progressive base. Russia and China will be used as boogeymen to justify endless, wasteful military spending.

The best way to push back against this is for everyone here to continually write their representatives in congress to complain. Without sustained opposition from progressives, the Biden administration will continue to do what the donor class demands. Only widespread vocal opposition from the base can limit the harm that will be done. All this talk of going back to “diplomacy” is just that, talk to keep the progressive base somnolescent.


Where is the People’s Party ??? We haven’t heard a peep out of them since their convention roll-out. Why are people on the left so incompetent ?



Maybe they haven’t found a billionaire to bankroll and co-opt them yet???

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They officially chose a name last week…


Tell Joe No. Then No some more. He has two ears, we have many voices, we must use them.


There is no such thing as a progressive democrat.

Thinking that you can be progressive and be a democrat is the same as thinking you

can be a progressive republican.

The main difference between Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris is style. Their priorities are

both based in the delusional belief in exceptionalism and a preference for corporate

privatization and impunity in the name of imperialistic global domination through war.

The republicans openly embrace their predatory corruptions while the democrats prefer

to lie and misrepresent their love of the same powerlust.

The only way to make real progress depends upon a seismic shift - a breaking away -

and that necessity is continuously prevented by the delusional people who cling to the

democrat party as they themselves are continuously told to shut up and get back in

position of degrading servitude to the religion of corporate capital’s privatization of

all of life.

You fools who voted for Biden/Harris are no better than the fools who voted for Trump/Pence.

You do NOT have the ideals which you think you have. You threw them overboard in 2016

when you insisted that the pernicious Clinton was necessary to counterbalance the pernicious

Trump and you were again lying when you insisted on the pernicious Biden in 2020.

You are as shamelessly stupid and lacking in integrity as any other republicans.

As more wars are unleashed and the environment lashes back in the near future,

you better look in the mirror and say

“congratulations” to yourself.

YOU prevent progress.


Conscienceless dissonance

The ‘point’ of the article (that I came away with) is the fact that at least some supposed progressives groups are getting on board with Biden’s picks. Of course Biden is Biden, and the Dems are Dems, but observe those who would otherwise be our ‘friends’, but are NOT. Even Bernie organizers can be turncoats against humanity’s interests. THIS is the point of Norman Solomon’s essay.

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Norm those people now endorsing Blinken and Flournoy while haveing “progressive credentials” are frauds. No progressive would endorse these two.

Just as no genuine progressive would have endorsed Joe Biden for President as it was well known he was all the things Blinken and Flournoy are yet you spent the last 6 months insisting the left and the progressives had to vote Biden.

You see how that works?

Now these fake progressives endorsing Blinken and Flournoy need only say that “well they are not as bad as Pompeo” and you should be on board with that. It the argument you used to support Biden.


They did? What is it? Is it People’s Party? Populist Party? I don’t see mention of this on their home page.

War is a racket, and our government are hip to that more than anybody else in the history of mankind, ever.

Nobody can argue with that.

hey, I have news for you, Bernie’s whole campaign was based on a bunch of really destructive lies. And as the advice was to vote for a candidate whose proposal to “extend Medicare” is a trap which will dismantle this crucial safety net poor people depend on,

See ~https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/10-anfin_e.htm top, see where it says 'systems of statutory social security" - read that entire section, then look up what it means

and all of America has been brainwashed into thinking he’s going to help us, when actually he’s deliberately triggering booby traps to destroy Medicare and quite possibly will do something similar with SS.

I know your eyes must be glazing over at this point, because you’ve been brainwashed against the truth but it will only take five minutes if that for me to show you beyond a shadow of a doubt by the most authoritative sources possible that I am telling the truth and the country is swallowing a huge shameless lie. And being led into a trap.

I’m serious, if you care about democracy and the country not shafting our poor by the most sordid means possible, please listen to me.

Let me give you more inf, we could not have possibly decided healthcare in 2016 or 2020 because we already decided it in the Uruguay Round and in the financial services negotiations, so it really was decided in 1994-1998. So had been decided a long time before. For profit healthcare was officially locked in by WTO law. And still is. Bernie was just there to lose and convince people a sham debate had occurred. So he could be deemed as a failure.

Why didnt he tell people about the real battle, a trade deal kmown as GATS?

Quite frankly one should not believe any Candidate sincere about these issues unless they ARE talking about dismantling those various trade agreements.

Indeed this is one of the things that drew support to Trump. While he lied about it he did indicate he would tear this agreements up.

Every mainstream Politician is aware or should be aware of that those various treaties do and how they tie the hands of Government so as to favor the Corporations. If they are not talking about it then they are not telling the truth.

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Here’s a thought, CD: How about an article titled, “Biden’s Cabinet Picks Turn Out Exactly As Predicted By Those With A Functioning Brain.”

All I hear from corporate dems and MSM is how no lefty can make it past Mitch. So don’t bother. Do you think Trump would get his picks past Schumer if the roles were reversed? Of course he would, because that’s what he’d want. Biden won’t try because that’s what he DOESN’T want. Or more to the point, it’s not what his donors want. The same ones who also bankroll the right.

The last thing in the world Biden hopes is that the two Georgia seats turn blue. Then he’d have no excuse for not supporting the working class. Obama had carte blanche for nearly 2 years and gave mostly lip service to struggling Americans. Couldn’t even support card check, and stuck us with a slightly less shitty health care system than the free market disaster he inherited.

Same bs talking points applied during the primaries to sink Bernie. Can’t win, too radical. The electorate is centrist, they want compromise blah blah blah. But poll this same electorate on single payer, pulling back on empire and obscene defense spending, green new deal, and college loan forgiveness and they all sail north of 50%, with the left AND right.

Lastly, OMG, Neera Tanden heading OMB? That Clinton simpleton with power? Just shoot me. But before you do, toss in some torture - it’ll still feel better than knowing Neera f-ing Tanden has some degree of control over my life.


Too many in that Peoples Party in the USA , just as is the case with the Greens…are part of that party as a sideline , when it comes down to election day they all abandon the causes they promoted for the past years to become “democrats” just to say “our guy won”

When they do that election after election , no one can really take them seriously.

All hat no cattle.

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This is like watching a really bad rerun on TV. It was terrible the first time and for some inexplicable reason, people feel it’s still worth watching again?

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How the hell can anybody be shocked, either by Joebama’s 2.0 cabinet or the faux-gressives who are drooling at the prospect? Biden isn’t even sworn in yet and I’m already tired of his BS. Jesus H. Christ, Neera Tanden at OMB says it all.


“will go down in history as one of the most corrupt government officials of the century.”

This quote is from the Ajit Pai article, but given the swamp that is DC it is hard to imagine anyone holding that mantle, there is simply too much competition. These war profiteers are a perfect example of that. While there is very little that can be done to oppose this in reality, we can make a lot of noise - get out your pots and pans and start clashing them here, at home, on twitter or anywhere possible. At least we do not have to go down quietly.

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