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Some Liberals and Arms-Control Experts Are Cheering for War Profiteers to Be in Biden’s Cabinet

They cannot unilaterally modify the deals, they might need the agreement of hundreds of other countries to change it. In return for their support, they will want concessions (like jobs) that exceed the ones we already made. That’s how it works, as thats what we do to them.

They try to trade jobs that are less profitable to do here. We are a great place for trade lawyers, and rocket scientists (as long as they are not unionized) but engineers, nurses, teachers, etc, they likely feel make too much.

I met one of these negotiators once, he went into length about how horrible it was, and how I really didn’t want to know what went on there, because he knew the effect of these deals were going to zap, pull the rug out from underneath lots of peoples entire lives, with the stroke of a pen. Something they absolutely don’t expect that nullifies their entire lives efforts in many cases (although it may take a few years for the changes to have their desired effects).

People’s Party.
They had a vote amongst members and that was overwhelmingly the favorite.

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Another reminder that Nothing will fundamentally change

Bomb Libya and take its oil: Biden budget chief pick Neera Tanden agreed with Trump
Donald Trump and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden proposed the same Libya war policy: oil for bombs.


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This is the email I got from MPP on 11.24.20

(in part)

Over the last two weeks, we received nearly ten thousand nominations and votes for our party name. Now, by an overwhelming margin, we have a winner! The next major party in America will be the

People’s Party

Y en español, el

Partido del Pueblo

The People’s Party is so much more than a name. It’s a statement. It tells voters and nonvoters that unlike the Democratic and Republican parties, this party belongs to them, not Wall Street. It represents diversity, inclusiveness, and appeals to a fundamental commonality among all people. It recognizes everyone’s inherent worth. It speaks to the nature of our struggle today: not left vs. right, but the billionaire class against everyone else.

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I might here echo those who are pointing out how your (and others) promotion of the lesser-evils choice Biden has enabled him to pick a cabinet that will perpetuate war, fossil fuels use, corporate control over all policy; in effect, not really changing the trajectory on the existential threats.

But I want to thank you for pointing out a few things here… including what I consider the tragic endorsements by groups that were once respected for their efforts at reducing nuclear threats and the conflicts leading to them. The endorsements of Flournoy by groups like Ploughshares Fund, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and the Arms Control Association is mind-boggling, given her history and words.
I suspect that identity politics and claimed “experience” are now far more important to the establishment liberals then actual principles, policy leanings and likely outcomes.

The same extends of course to Blinken.

This is hard to swallow, but I appreciate your having alerted me to it.

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If Bernie proved anything Bernie proved your post. I love AOC but to me, AOC will be used just like Bernie… as a democratic sheep dog.

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