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Some of the Pictures of Border Kids That Haunt Me Most Are From 2014. Here's Why


Some of the Pictures of Border Kids That Haunt Me Most Are From 2014. Here's Why

Will Bunch


I was taught from childhood the story of a great enlightened America full of hope and dreams. It fucked me up good. I spent a large majority of my life in a state of constant cognitive dissonance between what I was taught and what I experienced. To my horror I have found my great country is a greedy and genocidal place with the desire to subjugate and oppress the world including it’s own people, in order to line the pockets of a few rich corporate bastards at the expense everything else…peoples and ecology be damned. As I get older it gets worse. I lament the America that I was taught that never was…


Tar all of the evil doers with the residual slime from their sins. Sins come in all flavors in Empire. No one should get a pass. The ruse of the “greater good” translates loosely to “we were just following orders”. We need an update to Howard Zinn’s invaluable A People’s History of the United States. (http://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html)


Could this be a turning point?

A point when the American public is outraged and the democratic party acts like a party and not a faction

I have been thinking and reading about the coup in the US for the last 6 years or so, but what is happening right this minute seems to be a decisive turn and the farther down the road the harder to get back on track.

This issue of immigrants will increase as the climate gets worse and as these initial responses show, there is not wisdom to effectively deal with what is happening.


The article demonstrates clearly how loyalty to Party , Country and partisanship exposes hyprocisy.

One the one hand those “loyal” to the Democratic Party complain vocally about US Policy towards migrant Children under The Trump Presidency , even as they were silent and complicit when Barack Obama’s Presidency was doing much the same thing.

On the other the Right wing demands “civility” in protests even as they surround buses full of children to throw racist taunts and slurs towards the same.

This is the very same thing revealed at the level of Nation versus nation when it deemed ok to meddle in the elections of other Countries , but when it happens in turn it an outrage , or it an act of “terrorism” to plant a bomb that will kill Civilians at a wedding in France but it perfectly fine to bomb a wedding party when it YOUR side doing it against Muslims.


Here’s my update: “The End.”


“Why didn’t more of us speak out more forcefully about this first wave of treatment that was clearly also not humane?” I asked this question throughout Obama’s 8 years. He got away with murder (literally) and liberals remained silent, even supportive. He walked on water and was never to be questioned or confronted. I suppose at least part of the thinking was that criticism of Obama would give the GOP an advantage. Looks to me like the silence and the acquiesce gave quite the advantage to the GOP.


And then there was Obama’s support for Hillary’s support for the coup in Honduras that ramped up the state-sponsored violence and sent myriads fleeing to El Norte.

And Bill Clinton’s NAFTA that flooded Mexico with cheap US-govt-subsidized corn, bankrupting the Mexican farmers and sending them either into the cartels or fleeing to El Norte.

Followed my GW’s CAFTA that did the same to Central America.

And all that preceded by over a century of US backed authoritarian regimes plundering their own nations at the behest of America Inc, torture training at the infamous School ot the Americas …

Smedley Butler’s “I was a gangster for capitalism” …

The flood of migrants is blowback from over a century of American exploitation of Mexico and Central America.

For decades American criminality was kept secret from all but the few who bothered to peak behind the curtain, but now its effects are spilling over the border.


What do the Democrats propose to do with refugees? Neither the establishment Democrats or the
Progressives have a vision beyond complaining.
I have not even seen any suggestions, other than complaining, on any news site or comment thread.


I’m not 100% sure on who said what, but I believe some of the proposed solutions have included suggestions to give them ss numbers so they can pay taxes, improve the naturalization process and allow them to purchase health insurance through the ACA.

If I had to guess I would say progressives though.