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Some Other Tall Tales Brian Williams Might Want to Apologize For


Some Other Tall Tales Brian Williams Might Want to Apologize For

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian William has apologized for falsely claiming (NBC, 1/30/15) that "during the invasion of Iraq…the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an RPG."


I’m sadly not surprised. That this is what’s beamed into most American’s living rooms every night is deplorable (btw: on the citizenry’s dime, as we’re not compensated for the use of our radio frequency/spectrum by American broadcasters who carry Brian and the rest like him). And this is what we get, outlandish lies & half-truths from the grandest of all platforms: The American network anchor desk. But we knew this all along, didn’t we?


Brian Williams lies so much he believes the crap he spews and can’t tell the difference. It would be funny if it weren’t so twisted.


(With apologies to P. Simon)

There goes lyin’ Brian …


“You’re no Walter Cronkite”.
I give up. The attacks in Charley Hebdo put Little George Stephanos into GW 2 frothy mouth coma with his fear mongerubg on Hus Sunday Pulpit. Red Alert! Red Alert! Be Afraid!
Now Brian W all doped on his ego and false memory.
I guess we can at least believe half the stuff on Twitter feeds, or RT, pro Putin Link.

Do yourself a favor and just turn the crap off. I’m done with the dancing bear and pony shows that the Big 3 have become, and the Viagra ads.


So Brian Williams spends a lot of time licking establishment boots. So what else is new? Virtually all the corporate media bigwigs are like that. It’s a job requirement. The helicopter story merely spotlights the corruption in the corporate media that is all too apparent today with the trotting out yet again of the usual lies and distortions about Ukraine. CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the BBC are all in full propaganda mode about Ukraine, all raising the specter of a horned Vladimir Putin sending his crazed minions to pillage peaceful Ukranian villages. We expect that sort of nonsense from the American media, but it’s more surprising coming from the once-respected BBC. But today the Bebe has an “explainer” about Ukraine that should prompt spit-takes among anyone remotely knowledgeable about events in Ukraine. History is completely rewritten – as it always is on CNN and its propaganda pals – to say that brave demonstrators (not neo-Nazi thugs hired by the U.S.) ousted Ukraine’s president, but were thwarted by the evil Putin “annexing” Crimea and launching war in Donbass. Etc., etc. etc. It’s almost amusing to watch and read this stuff, which makes Williams’ helicopter story look trivial by comparison.


My first thought when the “Brian Williams” story broke was… of course he lies! He’s a MSM anchor! My next thought was “why did this leak now?” which I suspect was his corporate employers deciding that a new stooge was needed to replace their lackey of many years. Was he making too much money? Did the media CEO have to pigeon hole an old friend into the anchors seat? Was Brian Williams showing signs of a conscience? Or was this a propaganda ploy in which the MSM is trying to show their audience that “lying won’t be tolerated” by corporate media while sending a clear message to all of their nervous employees that their careers can be terminated in a flash?
In any case a bigger story would have been… “Anchor tells truth on air despite threats by the program director”.


I taught Experimental research, including memory issues and social psychology at the university level for many years before ret. I say this: It is common to say critical and negative things and rumor about people that you do not know well. And memory confabulation (mixed elements) of events experienced years ago is common-and why eye-witness testimony is very often unreliable in detail. Memory is not of items in permanent, sealed, storage; rather memory is an active, constructive process where a reasonable inference (a guess) is constructed linking elements that do come to mind. Most likely Brian is just recalling the past, with some error, as most people do. And you are just making negative comments about someone you do not know, as most people do. So, lay off it. Read up a bit on human memory and attribution research in social psychology.


Regarding the latest Williams claims that were exposed regarding thugs in his hotel, how about calling them all bullies. That is a color blind term. As far as the Ritz Carlton I doubt that “thugs” were roaming the halls, but I wasn’t there. I was a tourist stuck in the Superdome during Katrina and the floods and almost all the media reports were exaggerated, in part due to those of us present who bought in to the hysteria and fear and helped fuel some of the rumors. Fear is a powerful emotion that unfortunately too often controls our lives.

Paul Harris
Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”