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Some Progressives Are in Denial About Trump's Fascist Momentum

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/23/some-progressives-are-denial-about-trumps-fascist-momentum


So, when Biden told his corporate donors that under him, nothing would change, what was he talking about?

By the way, I know damn well where Trump’s taking us. Grandpa Joe (thank you DNC) is headed down the same path, he’s just hoping to be less obvious.


More guilt trip from the people who thought it more important to beat Sanders than to defeat Trump.
I really hate these hypocrites.


Solomon’s energy and outrage would be better directed at the DNC. The Democratic Party elite is fine with another four years of Trump, which is why they united to smash Bernie Sanders’ chances.


This guy is really stooping to new lows. Now people that call themselves progressives support fascism because they will not support Biden? Biden is somehow there to Fight fascism? Really? The nothing will really change guy?

Is it any wonder progressives in the USA grow ever more disgusted with the DNC when supporters of the same resort to these cheap ass tactics?

The real fraud here is Solomon who pretended to be a progressive when Sanders running and now tries to slime those others that TRULY supported Sanders and his policies. It is exactly his LOTE crap that led to Trump getting elected so who the fuck is the real enabler?


Normalization… oh, you mean like the quadrennial choice we are given for president by our scumbag corporate owners - the choice between a Caligula style fascist or a jive-talking corporate crony - which allows the populous no “real” vote and no “real” hope for positive outcomes for the foreseeable future.


The U.S. has been sliding towards fascism practically since its inception. Thomas Paine, in “Common Sense,” recommended that the fledgling country become a republic rather than a democracy, with the people represented by “fit characters,” ( the upper classes) whose “enlightened views and virtuous sentiments render them superior to local prejudices and schemes of injustice.” In view of recent events, how many “fit characters” does it take to screw in massive social and economic inequality, destroy the social safety net, strangle the voting process, and give the people no recourse for any of the former?


That is not what he said. What he said is that actions have consequences, even unintended consequence and re-election of Trump would be one of them. He is also, correct. Progressives are not a isolated entity that remain blameless.


Biden isn’t going to stop mass deportations or release kids from cages. People need to get that fantasy out of their head immediately.


Yes. Refusing to nominate Sanders and picking instead Biden has consequences.

Putting Hilary forwards as the nominee in 2016 over Sanders had consequences.

Bill Clinton moving the DNC to the right so as to attract Republican voters had consequences. When those “moderate republicans” they boasted of having stolen to the DNC left the Republicans it only meant what was left in the Republican party was more extreme.

Selecting just another slate of Corporatists to the Democratic party had consequences.

Those consequences are Donald trump and this guy says “lets do the same thing”.

The only ones blameless here are the ones that refused to support The Republicans or the Corporate Democrats. Its the people that voted for either of those parties that got you to Trump. The refusal to support fascism is not supporting fascism.

Only people working a con try and sell that message.


James Madison in Federalist Papers, not Thomas Paine…


Well yah because kids in cages and mass deportations were happening under Obama the same Obama who proclaimed he had the right to execute US Citizens without trial. That smells of fascism to me.


As infuriating and supine as the democrats have been over the last 40 years, I have to agree with Solomon and Chomsky on this one. The republicans have marched into the wilderness, morphing from a political party into a cult organized around the personality of a vicious narcissist. There is no room in their ranks for decent governance.

Biden has been a vapid servant for Wall St. and the MIC, but he is a member of a political party that still holds some open space for enlightened policy influence.

I think that Sanders would have been a much better firewall against a second Trump term, but that option’s been taken off the table. Recognizing the baleful and real possibility of 4 more years of Trump, Sanders has endorsed Biden, acknowledging the absolute need for a unified opposition.


And Sanders was just as wrong in 2016 when he did the same thing. Do you really think the DNC would move even further right AS THEY are doing had Sanders not asked his supporters to back the DNC?

They would be doing all they could to get those voters back and it would not be with a Biden saying “nothing will really change”


Continuing to bet on a losing hand should tell you that something your doing isn’t working and maybe you need to change. Anyway, that alone does not make one innocent or blameless. That is taking responsibility.


Not Thomas Paine! Paine was for democracy. You’re quoting The Federalist Papers number 10 by James Madison.


Paine was the only really enlightened one of that bunch. He was opposed to slavery. He felt women should have equal rights. He had issues with private property suggesting that if allowed it be accompanied by a tax on said property which would be disbursed to persons having no property. The guy was way ahead of his time.


Yes, the actions of the DNC and the “establishment” corporate media in preventing Sanders’ nomination has consequences in the re-election of Trump. Place “blame” where it belongs.


I’m not a progressive, and they are my last best hope but there is plenty of blame to go around.

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So in your estimation, voting for Democrats is “working?”

A steady move rightward over 40+ years is “working?”

“Turns out I’m really good at killing people,” Obama said quietly, “Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.” That’s “working” for you?

I ask because that’s not “working” for me.