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Some Pundits Think the Solution to Right-Wing Populism Is Less Democracy



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From the time when Galileo challenged the church-state orthodoxy that held that EARTH was the cosmological center of the universe, elites have claimed the RIGHT to define reality. Strange, that what this quote signifies was sidestepped by Mr. Johnson:

"The party of accepting reality must be prepared to take on the party of denying reality."

Many of this forum's supporters of Marx completely underestimate the power of religion in shaping the masses' FEAR of rebellion. After all, if obedience is taught as a virtue that God smiles upon, any who demonstrate disobedience to the creeds set in place by the church-state set themselves up purportedly for mortal sin. And who wants to burn in hell for perpetuity?

These lies are very powerful. They also set the tone for what is recognized AS reality.

There's also an emphasis on black-white, either-or frames that leaves out any nuance or shade of gray.

Another argument I see being propagated is this idea that anyone who challenges the Monsantos of this world in their alleged RIGHT to dismantle genes is framed as "Anti-Science." Thus, one is castigated as being as ignorant as those who challenge Evolution for understanding that companies like Monsanto ought to be strictly held to the "First Do No Harm" clause before setting up the world's populations as guinea pigs to their genetic engineering experiments.

In the earlier era, anyone who challenged the church-state frame, like say, the Astrologer--truly the first to be designated Heretic--was so badly chastised (sometimes upon carried out threats of death) as to make it LETHAL to challenge Reality as determined by elites--of government, church, and financial influence.

It's this same Patriarchal Ideological Grip that is tightening in things ranging from purchased lawmakers to trade pacts that negate citizens' input to the several hundred ruling families that command more wealth than half the world's population.

It's very convenient for them to control all "serious" narratives, and if cornered, resort to the old canard that any opponent of their thesis (or practices) is a heretic... incapable of relating to "Reality."


Remember, those who have cooked up this idea of "too much Democracy in the masses" are also responsible for ALL of the following:

  1. That poor Black families buying homes are responsible for the 2008 Wall Street crash

  2. That Bin Laden attacked the U.S. on 911

  3. That "guns don't cause violence," people do.

  4. That Social Security, Head Start, and Food Stamps are "entitlement programs" but pork barrel spending allotting billions to corporations is NEVER put under similar scrutiny or castigation.

  5. That the Pentagon need not succumb to any accounting: financial, moral, tactical, or otherwise.

  6. That the presidential nomination process was fair and Mrs. Clinton won.

  7. That Monsanto's products are safe... until proven otherwise.

Needless to say, this is a partial list.

From the article:

"Funny, that doesn’t sound so “mindless”—it sounds like there are real grievances driving popular anger. But rather than proposing solutions that would address these problems, Traub instead suggests that globalization’s losers be politically sidelined, replaced by a “reformed center”..."

This is another MANIPULATION DEVICE that's being used often to discredit those with powerful cases against any and all facets of today's globalization epidemic.

The emphasis is placed on the individual's REACTION or emotions.

Remember, in lieu of HONEST discussion about the many ways that the Sanders' campaign was artificially thwarted and its vote numbers manipulated, instead, Sanders was painted as a "sore loser."

When Edward Snowden made his now famous expose, oftentimes it wasn't the quality or character of the material that was under discussion, there were many theories floating around about WHY he did it; and these, in turn, fed the feeding trough on all the speculation about his egotism, narcissism, and other false motives intended to discredit him.

This is a tactic that is TAUGHT to media personnel particularly if the CIA gets involved. The first line of defense (to orthodox power and its institutions) is to use CHARACTER assassination and/or divert the story to the person, not the issue.

After that, just as John Perkins explained in "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," the tactics become more violent.


I'd like to broaden your frame, if I might. Consider all of the following:

  1. The Greek people tried to vote out the tyranny of the European Central Bankers, but ended up under THEIR thumb.

  2. In Puerto Rico, the quality of life for over a million people is being held hostage by deals made to and by Hedge Funds (which will now control many of the island's significant assets and its bank account.)

  3. The situation in Flint, Michigan where a city manager (never elected by The People) decided to change the drinking water source to save $.

  4. The people living in nations feeling the calamitous instability of war (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Mali, Libya).

  5. The Indigenous peoples (primarily in South and Central America) under attack by Energy corporations and Monsanto who seek to use and abuse THEIR natives lands with environmentalists literally shot (and killed) to get them out of the way and intimidate The People into submission.

  6. The Coup in Honduras that essentially led to another failed, quasi military state (which has also included the murder of Indigenous Leaders fighting the corporations' claim to their lands).

Meanwhile, Europe is in an upheaval that mirrors the reactions of the 1930s. In both instances, as economic streams began to lessen, HATRED was projected at whatever non-native group (before it was the Jews, and now it's all of the refugees streaming in from wars authorized by NATO and led by the U.S M.I.C & CIA) seemed easy to blame. This level of instability is also a bane to Democracy. It typically causes a fissure between Nationalist types and those who hold a more inclusive vision for humanity.

My point is that the erosion to Democracy being faced by U.S. citizens is mirrored in MANY other nations. And one common denominator is the grip and power of global corporations who are close to christening their latest usurpation of human rights, environmental protections, and any claim to Democracy... in the form of the TIPP and TPP and other should-be criminal trade deals (which, as many rightly point out, are about FAR more than trade).


I would invite open-minded readers who come to this forum without an agenda to consider how the following quote matches the #1 repeated Talking Point in this forum: That citizens are stupid, ignorant sheeple:

"As one political theorist recently wrote, “The basic problem is not that most voters seek to maximize their self-interest, but rather that most voters lack the knowledge necessary to make informed political judgments.” Or, “The uncomfortable truth is that the best (perhaps only) way to reduce the political influence of ignorant voters is to deprive them of the vote.”

Whether employed by conventional mainstream media sources, or instead paid to sit at their computer terminal and REPEAT specific Talking Points, the net result is the same. It's intended to blame those on the receiving end of Bad Policy.

Similarly, since elites (there are some chilling quotes from Bill Gates, for instance) WANT a major global population reduction, when message threads feature "posters" who insist that human beings are bad, and that this planet would be better off without them.... it's clear they are doing the ideological bidding of the elites.

I believe these are not accidental occurrences. If they happened now and then, THAT case could be made. However, they are such redundant, daily INSISTENCES that they fit the definition of Talking Points. That means they are assigned. The question is... by whom?

From the article, is this guy auditioning to work with Paul Ryan, or what?

Josh Barro

"Elites are usually elite for good reason, and tend to have better judgment than the average person."


Modern confusion about democracy results from limited thought given to an actual definition.

What is democracy? It is a tool used by humans to focus distributed intelligence. Democracy is not a form of government.

Plutocrats working backroom government deals that hand them a free lunch via subsidies and cost plus contracts will always experience democracy as a problem. Oligarchs have turned the US into a totalitarian police state because real democracy cuts into their government funded advantages. The end of every US style military empire has been the same through all of history — The empire cuts itself off from distributed human intelligence by limiting democracy and then becomes too stupid to exist.


"An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people."
--Thomas Jefferson


"Disenfranchisement as a means of protecting elite interests is now being floated, unironically, as something worthy of consideration."

It isn't just under consideration: the whole message of the super delegates is "You're allowed to vote, but your vote only counts if you agree with us." And insiders from both major parties have admitted it is possible to rewrite bylaws at conventions in order to bypass popular votes.

I lived in NH for 6 years, but this was my first year voting. I got a letter from the secretary of state's office saying that I would be removed from voter registration if I did not obtain an in-state driver's license. Two oddities about this are: You have to show ID to vote in this state, and the ID I showed was my in-state driver's license. And, many people from other states have vacation homes here. They do not have in-state licenses. (I have actually seen my town's list of registered voters. I have even seen their driver's licenses.) Yet they are welcome to register. NH only requires that someone maintain a "domicile" here. Ironically it was the Republican party that spoke out against allowing out-of-state voters.

Are we going back to the days of requiring property ownership to vote?


You are correct. Those who refer to people as sheeple are a primitive sort of being that has no concept of modern science and the information age. The primitive mind that defines people as sheeple has not realized that we are cosmic powered biology manifest as human.

Anyone who believes elites have better judgement than the average person has not thought much about anything. Humanity has the next two presidential terms to begin diverging from the elite's chosen path to global climate collapse and human extinction. Global climate collapse is mainly caused by cave man mentality of engorgement when opportunity presents itself. Elites live in raw terror of being passed up by another elite and this goads them to destroy Earth. The best judgement of elites is to stick to the red line of doom, shown below.

Elites are barbarians who attempt to stop mature humanity from using real democracy to switch to the lower path to survival that begins to show in 2025.


Claire Booth Luce had all the answers for dealing with " the too much democracy " issue, suppossedly threatening good order. Her nutty husband's philosophy can fill in any portion of the issue, Dear Claire, may have overlooked. In a nutshell ( where she copulated with Henry ), Predestination is the way to manage the " untidiness " of the excesses of democracy. Eight decades later the same effete male WASPS are still stinging us, apparently, with this erudite bullshit. George Will and David Brooks are their " waterboys " but many so-called moderate and liberals are quite busy working the pumphandle. Organized Religion provides all the oily, greasy goo needed to run " the well-oiled machine " of commerce and this stuffed-shirt, white privileged, pompous, moral grounding nonsense. And, it's working because they're getting richer, hence more powerful, every year. Wealthy white people and their apparatchiks aren't spiritual human beings. They're religious human beings. Simply because the payoff in America is so much better, being the latter. Same as it ever was... And, so it goes.


"Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives."
John Stewart Mill


I'd amend that to read "Under Patriarchy."

Other societies and societal formations have existed on this planet.

But when Anglo-European conquistadors arrive with superior weapons, the natives they don't murder they render invisible. And by claiming that the Indigenous ways are savage, they deprive the world of the diverse forms of understanding that reflect how different people live with and adapt to this planet's amazingly diverse regions and ecosystems.

Monsanto pushing its way across rain forest and indigenous lands always planting the same mono crops in rows is a perfect metaphor for the ways by which the Dominators seek to create the world in THEIR image and likeness while eradicating anything that differs from it.

Too many fools then validate their actions by suggesting THIS is reality... rather than the result of so much force, blood shed, coercion, indoctrination, and marginalized alternatives to the Patriarchal Capitalist status quo.

It is not now a true indication of what human flesh is heir or heiress to.

It's what happens when only a particular set of behaviors is codified, considered acceptable, and rewarded with social privilege, financial largess, or status and titles.

Welcome to The Control State--under Patriarchy's latest device (an upgrade on always ruthless capitalism): The Shock Doctrine version of the dark art.


The working class understands The Control State but, of course, are least able to fight it. The " best and brightest " took the money and ran. They're now aligned with The Control State out of fear of losing their privileges. It will be up to the young and scared middle class to repudiate Empire's Extreme Overreach. I'm not optimistic.


You offer a rather narrow slice of the big picture. It has some truth to it...

I guess I don't agree with the idea that the Control State got hold of the Best and Brightest... but they sure do frustrate the hell out of iconoclasts who could make a difference but remain marginalized (due to their unwillingness to serve the existing paradigm/status quo).

If you really want to venture into "not optimistic territory," there are some compelling discussions about a planetary POLE shift that warrant further scrutiny (on You Tube).

I watch these short documentaries and think to myself, "Pole shift means never regretting having not purchased health insurance," and other such cynical rationales.


Given the performance of non-establishment candidates for the Republican and Democrat Parties, I would not be surprised to see establishment efforts, after the hoopla of the election, to craft electoral rules designed to prohibit insurgents and more effectively ensure the nomination of the establishment candidates.