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'Someone Cancel the Climate Crisis Too Please': Citing Social Unrest, Chile President Bows Out as COP25 Host

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/30/someone-cancel-climate-crisis-too-please-citing-social-unrest-chile-president-bows

And in related news, a conference will soon be held on the subject of going vegan. The panel will consist entirely of lions, while lambs will be charged a modest admission fee–an arm and a leg.

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Pinera’s older brother works for Cato and is even nuttier than he is.


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Lebanon, Puerto Rico, France, Chile, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Iraq, etc. = places where the citizens have enough courage to go out in the streets en masse to show the government goons that the people have the power.
Where is this NOT happening? The USA!


There is clearly a different dynamic when meeting in person vs. via teleconference, but instead of everyone flying long distances to one location (giant carbon footprint), maybe an alternative is to hold simultaneous regional conferences where most parties could travel by train to attend and conferences could communicate with each other via Skype or Zoom, or some other form of group teleconference.

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What, no “Spicy a meat a balls a?”