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'Someone Sees the Writing on the Wall': As Election Looms, Lindsey Graham Urges Older Right-Wing Judges to Step Aside

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/someone-sees-writing-wall-election-looms-lindsey-graham-urges-older-right-wing

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If the Dinocrats take over in January, there has to be a review of every Judge these fascists installed. Any judge deemed unqualified needs to be removed - by impeachment if necessary - and this reviewing committee needs to be full time and focused on this until EVERY judge is reviewed


They want them younger and dumber. If I were them I wouldn’t resign.



Our African American police commissioner here in Boston on a televised news conference this afternoon was complaining about “liberal judges”, feeding right into the right wing agenda

Hmmmmmmm, I am wondering how “old,” these older judges are? As Mitch and the Lindsey person seem to be pushing this----how old are Mitch and Lindsey?
Maybe, if they truly believe that age is an issue— then we must compare -how old the th judges and how old are Mitch and Lindsey? If they seem to be similar ages, perhaps Mitch and Lindsey should lead by example----and retire immediately. : )


Soooo worried that they may not be able to buy all of government some day, it’s full bore on stacking the courts. Fairness will keep slipping away until we forgot there ever was any.
The bottom 80% (guess) might become the modern serfs or servants. Indentured or not.

IMO this goes above “packing” the courts, it’s interference. Not being a lawyer, I tried to look up what law(s) this falls under, with no luck. With the importance of the separation of the 3 branches of government, I can’t imagine there’s not something on the books that makes this illegal.