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'Something Big Is Shifting': As Georgetown Announces Fossil Fuel Divestment, Students Across US Demand Their Schools Follow Suit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/08/something-big-shifting-georgetown-announces-fossil-fuel-divestment-students-across


This certainly sends the right message to future generations that’s it’s now time to jump in with both feet to mandating the widespread usage of sustainable energy sources.

Put deadly polluting forms of energy in the past, and bring forth safe clean energy to the present and future.


Antarctica Hits 64.9 Degrees, Highest Temperature Ever Recorded On Continent


It’s unfortunate, but actions like these appear to be the only recourse regular citizens have in combatting the fossil fuel industry. Like any company, they use their stock evaluations to acquire loans in order to expand their business. So for them it’s to drill more wells and run more pipelines (there are currently 3 times as many active wells in the US than there were in 2001, yet the US oil output has only gone up by about 40% in that time. Fracking wells have proven to be a lot less lucrative than standard wells, and they won’t last nearly as long). Of course that’s three times as many wells producing green house gases. Short of no longer consuming petroleum based goods, it’s the only thing a regular Joe can do.
While they won’t feel the pinch right away, eventually the investment houses and banks will sour on this (disastrous) symbiotic relationship and move towards financing and investing in green tech. The problem is it’s not happening fast enough, as yesterday’s article in the Guardian told us another stark truth that we already suspected (Antarctica’s ice sheets are melting from the bottom up)
In short, good for these kids pushing their schools to be environmentally responsible. Sure, we may be heading towards oblivion, but we most certainly shouldn’t be helping to finance it.


Yes, something is afoot, even Hummer is going electric!
The writing is on the wall.


I genuinely fear that USA will provide British Petroleum the sole patent for sunlight.
sarcasm galore


If Georgetown (or any other research university) wants to succeed at climate restoration, it needs to think in terms of taking full responsibility for the climate restoration.

We must aim to perform research because of a physical climate imperative, and then after we set our planet’s priorities we figure out how to get money for the work. We don’t fail to perform research because Charles Koch paid the college administration money to act stupid about things. We don’t fail to perform climate research because our pro-fossil government is only handing out big wads of research cash for low academic integrity research projects that will soon make the professors look petty. Perhaps either students or faculty need to hand out more collective Ds and Fs for the many non-climate research projects that we see.

Quick and large success in practical and focused climate R&D is the world’s imperative. Any R&D in any non-climate field, or that might pay off 50 years down the road, is not an imperative at this time. Exception: we’re going to need to build mass extinction zoos quickly, right now, so that we can restore the world’s ecology at least 50 years from now.

We must attempt to economically replace every use of natural gas and oil. We must store solar-sourced heat to displace fossil fuels after sunset and on cloudy days. We must replace freeways. We must restore the Arctic’s albedo. We must develop and improve agriculture-based carbon sequestration.

If a particular college’s president gives us nothing but excuses then we must question the excuses.


I wonder what I might be missing in this news about Georgetown & divestment. Why can’t they do it now, instead of over the next 5 to 10 years? In my opinion based on much reading about climate change, it is already too late to avoid extreme warming.

So why not make their divesting immediate. Including from the JPMC’s, BofAmerica, and the other big funders of the oil & gas industry.


Hi Dio:
I wonder what temperature will make human blood boil—not in anger, as it is already, but what planet temperature would do that?

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Quickly, we need to nationalize all fossil fuel resources and manufacture of their end products. We need to use all profits for R&D of green energy and to subsidize the use of new green products. We need to set a liveable co2 emission curve, no matter the hardships it places on us, and stick to it. In order to finance the above, we must immediately end all wars, which financially are keeping us from meeting the above goals, and put those trillions of dollars to work on defeating the only enemy we truly have - climate change. We must do this with world cooperation. All life on Earth depends on our success.


Absolutely, see my other comment. By saying 5 years we are only allowing the same 'ol, same 'ol to continue. Addiction is a terrible thing; and addiction to money and criminal ways to obtain it are killers!

Finally we are getting the ball rolling thanks to the youth of the world. It doesn’t have to take them 5 to 10 years to be fully divested. The fund keepers are just playing the CYA as they are afraid to be the first ones in the water. Lets get the momentum going!


Another ten years of record temps. and people like trump will begin to wake up.

Transportation will be run off of monitor screens where it isn’t already. These companies will look like casino security rooms full of monitors.

This must be the start of the fall of King fuel. Now it is up to the universities to put their money on new projects to develop storeable energy systems and alternative sources.

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It’s still as much about money as it is about the climate crisis for many. When there are alternatives that look like they may be successful the money guys will start to nibble.

And it will be too late.

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Could be that the board of directors is just pacifying the students. It has been done before.

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Hopefully it won’t take even one more year for Rump to never again wake up. Ever.

Just an update on the trans mountain pipeline here in Canada. This is the one the Government of Canada bought from Kinder Morgan and now tries to push through to the coast in order to allow tarsands oil to be shipped to China.

The original cost to build the pipeline has jumped to some 12+ billion this more then 5 billion more than the original estimate. The increase is due to court fights , blockades and the like. The Government of Canada still insists that it will be profitable to build and that once they get it built they will sell it back to Private Industry.

The longer this delayed the higher the costs to build. The higher the costs to build the longer it must remain in use in order to recoup the investment. The longer it in use so as to recoup those losses the longer Canada behind the burning of more Fossil fuels and the more tarsands that have to be dug up in order to obtain the bitumen.

The Government still persists in building this boondoggle at taxpayer expense.