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Something Is Happening


Something Is Happening

Jim Hightower

When I crossed paths with a Democratic Party campaign consultant in Austin last March, I suggested he come out to the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers hall to hear Bernie Sanders, adding that the Vermont senator was pondering a run for the presidency. "You gotta be kiddin' me," the political pro snorted. "Bernie Sanders? Let me tell ya, his chances are slim and none, and Slim don't live in Bernie's precinct. First of all, no one south of Greenwich Village ever heard of him.


We can only HOPE!


I am admittedly skeptical that we are on the verge of a populist revolt that will change Washington but if there is one I sure hope it is led by Bernie Sanders and not Donald Trump.


"....but the driving force of "Bernie for President" is coming from two encouraging sources: (1) An emerging rainbow of young people dismayed and disgusted by the greed and pettiness of today's "leaders" who are restructuring America into a plutocracy that callously sweeps the crying needs of the declining middle class, the poor, the planet, and the common good under the rug of laissez-faire Kochism."

Tell it like it is, Mr. Hightower.

The rug of laissez-faire Kochism... perfect expression!


Sanders represents. Democrats shill, in general...what we thought we were getting with Obama in 2008 Sanders talks about every day: $15 per hour wage, Medicare for all, single payer, free or cheap higher education for those who qualify, and so on.
If Sanders' representation is snuffed, what will happen is a revolution will replace the political process - sort of like the Panthers replacing the local police - and some of that is what Trump's fascism is about.
Bernie is the escape valve for the destructive forces tearing this country apart. I'm voting for Jill Stein, though, but I hope enough people see their self interests to put Sanders in office.


Something is happening and the campaign is about to get really nasty. The Clintons will tear the country apart, if that's what it takes, to get this nomination. Rachel Maddow, last evening, promoted Bernie's truthful statement that Planned Parenthood is an establishment group (I guess they endorsed Hillary), to a major political issue and a major mistake by Senator Sanders. She trotted out a clip of Bill Clinton, in high dudgeon, dismissing the notion that Planned Parenthood is establishment. She used the often used disclaimer that Senator Sanders was invited but was unavailable, but was always welcome to grace her show.

Yes, something is happeining when 7,000 show up on a very cold night in Birmingham, Alabama to hear the Senator. Hell, there are only 220,000 people in Birmingham.

Then along comes Ta-Nehisi Coates' attack on Bernie in The Atlantic Monthly;

"Why Precisely Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations?
The Vermont senator’s political imagination is active against plutocracy, but why is it so limited against white supremacy?"...Title of the article.

What's there to say, has Coates asked Clinton her position on Reparations, or any of the candidates, or any other politicians? I don't know, don't think so. Has he asked Barack Obama his positon on reparations? I don't know. The injustice done Bernie over the racial issue is a disgrace.

Here's a young African American's view on Mr. Coates:

The likes of Bernie hasn't been seen in this country since the McGovern campaign in 1972, go


Asking Bernie about reparations but not Hillary is a dirty trick that makes Coates another Hillary shill. They're getting desperate. That makes this Bernie supporter double down.

The undeniable, indisputable facts are that Hillary is property of the Wall Street Casino and Bernie is a man of the people.


The latest hoopla for us Sanders supporters has Bernie beating everybody. Except not EVERY candidate has been measured against him.

Should Ohio Governor John Kasich emerge in the top 3 in New Hampshire, I would expect establishment Republicans to see him as their saving grace. Time then to dump the wannabees and glamour children and go for a policy guy. And if they want to continue to fight towards a brokered convention, Kasich will yet have a prime speaking opportunity at their Cleveland convention.

Kasich and Sanders are similarly wonkish and could offer meaty debates rather than flame-throwing contests. The media would like Kasich's "centrist" appeal [no, he's NOT, btw, ask any of us in Ohio]. What remains to be seen is whether Republicans want any serious potential in November or whether they perceive themselves as screaming Limbaughs.


Fortunately, Kasich is fading fast. However, accept that the GOP establishment could make him the nominee through some super delegate hocus pocus. As someone concerned with the issue for nearly 40 years, if John Kasich becomes POTUS with a Republican Congress, Amtrak will cease to exist, among other programs. The first thing he did upon winning the Governorship in 2010 was cancel the planned (long-planned) start of intrastate rail passenger service between Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. We were sooooo close to finally getting it done! Now it is as verboten in Ohio to mention the term "passenger rail", as it is to mention "climate change" in Florida. Kasich's Sec. of Transportation used to be a lobbyist for the Asphalt paving industry. Being anti-passenger rail for him is much more important that it ever was for any other Republican President. Mark my words.


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This nation is looking for a change and a real one. It is true that it is the first time when corporation would understand that common people also can take the charge and make a change. It is absolutely necessary. The middle class is now an endangered species and the poors are begging on the street. This divide should be erased. Mrs Clinton would follow the same age old path. I believe that soon many senators and congressmen also get a lesson from it because for a long time they forgot that they are supposed to work for the people and not the corporations. America needs a change and it is the high time.


I have supported Dr. Jill Stein, but disagree that like Obama, Bernie is a shill because Bernie, for all his faults, has political integrity and although Bernie may not be able to see the consummation of his political agenda he is sincere, where Obama was never sincere and conned so many albeit, well meaning but naive people.

For all his faults, Bernie is the best candidate that has come along in a long,long while... probably clear back to JFK.


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Bernie's goals are the logical extension of the New Deal and the Great Society. FDR and LBJ would be perfectly at home endorsing him and his plans. The problem is that the far right and the Clinton faction of the Democratic Party have dragged the country so far right, that they seem extreme to many now.


Good analysis. Both Bernie and Donald are riding the intense anger out here, but coming from radically different qtrs. and populations. Trump's base is racist, Xenophobic and well armed and ready to kill anyone that gets in his way ( the brownshirt crowd.) Bernie's base has had it after 45 yrs. of excuses from the (D) party in whom they had deeply invested their HOPE in 2008. Obama and the 3rd way (D) elite basically abandoned them in the middle of the worst Depression in 70 yrs. and then saddled the young and middle aged with an increasingly expensive and rotten Corpcentric Healthcare scam, add on top of that the enormous student loans, many of this generation must now shoulder. I believe what's driving this election is an increasing sense of hopelessness and despair. Much of the public knows the system is broken and rigged against them and it will be interesting to see who they are going to blame this fall.


President Obama promised a lot and had the right agenda. He has done much good. I just wish he had been more aggressive in pushing the hope he promoted in his speeches. I think Bernie is the only hope to take on the Republicans and he has shown he is able to tell it like it is and garner support. Yes, we need a Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ kind of President who is willing to lead. Hopefully, the Democratic party and liberal Republicans, if any, will get behind him.


Check this out "Simon and Garfunkel" gave Bernie their incredible song "America." THIS IS THE BEST CAMPAIGN VIDEO EVER MADE IN HISTORY!!! It will move you powerfully. SHARE THIS LINK ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE YOU CAN FIND ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nwRiuh1Cug


Check this out "Simon and Garfunkel" gave Bernie their incredible song "America." THIS IS THE BEST CAMPAIGN VIDEO EVER MADE IN HISTORY!!! It will move you powerfully. SHARE THIS LINK ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE YOU CAN FIND ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nwRiuh1Cug


It is great, I've posted it here on another page, but it should have more than one posting, thanks for posting, it is stunning and appropriate.