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Something’s Rotten in the State of the Union

Something’s Rotten in the State of the Union

Michael Winship

In his State of the Union Tuesday night, Donald Trump called on the Congress “to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers—and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

Undermine the public trust? Fail the people? Am I the only one who heard this and thought maybe he subliminally was begging the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment on his sorry ass and put the rest of us out of our misery?


Things can go to hell in the mountains.

But if you find yourself still alive - you make a plan and move on.

Sometimes it isn’t even a plan - just an instinctive desire to live.


Hope Winship recovers from his overdose of Fox. He deserves some praise from putting himself at risk by entering the right wing echo chamber but too much stress can be hazardous to health. It sounds like this was a speech that left Richard Spencer and the rest of the neo-Nazis pleased. The gold standard for the Trump people is being white as long as you aren’t Jewish. All other people seem to be bringing down the United States according to them. They thrive on negative stereotypes on blacks, Latinos, and other groups they despise. The South may have lost the Civil War but the white supremacists have never given up the dream of country for whites only.


In his State of the Union Tuesday night, Donald Trump called on the Congress “to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers—and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

Here is a more frightening take on that sentence and I’m one to agree with this assessment. Heads-up everyone.


There’s more:


Rotten words, rotten writer(s) - as foul as can possibly be!

Rotten Congress and rotten fake prez, as a fish rots from the head…

A stench so vile as to dull the senses…


By any measure, the confederacy won the civil war. They did it the old fashioned way, they assimilated their opponents and destroyed them from within.


I really hate the smirks of these right-wing a**holes. I just want to slap their faces. What are they smirking about---- the destruction of our country?


I guess a lot of history books need to be rewritten. Although I would have to say if we now no longer have slavery how is that a victory for the confederacy. I’m still inclined to give the victory to the Union but the aftermath did not go so well. My concern is we could be headed for Civil War II. There were a lot of comments that if Trump lost the election there would be an armed revolt because that meant the election was rigged. In fact in the debates Trump said if he lost that meant the election was rigged, What if he runs in 2020 and loses? It would be scary. It would also be scary if he wins as we found out in 2016.

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Oh I thought that he was talking about himself, you know challenging someone to remove him from the job because he is undermining public trust. ; {

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I really don’t know but it’s scarier than Hell.

I think the take-away is to watch it then read the transcripts.

Fellating Trump’s talking points again, are we? You’re worried about abuses of power from the “deep state.” I get it. We should all be worried about abuses of power in the justice system (e.g., mass incarceration of people of color). Your problem is that you want that power put in the hands of people who have literally chanted “lock her up” about their political opponents. Do you really thing that will solve the problem? Yes, I’m sure you do.

Your “specifics” are all speculation. You don’t know what’s in the memo, and you don’t care about the partisan process that produced it. You trust Nunes and admire Trump, which is a laughable, pitiable degree of credulity. You cannot be taken seriously.

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Your specifics was just supporting bias representation of a broader report that outlined all that you seem to take Nunes’ bias as facts. Not to smart, release the whole report not just Nunes take on it. He had to recuse himself from Russiagate. But you seem to take in Nunes’ take hook line and sinker.

I don’t have all the facts to discredit or believe Nunes or you.

A made up memo from a republican operative lawmaker who had to recuse himself from Russia investigation.

Nice try, but like Fox news faux news.

Seriously ??? Thanks for your response, I guess my attempt at being sardonic just sounds like naivete

No, sorry, it’s me. I’m so wrapped up in it I failed. My bad. I have a hard time seeing the lighter side since we shifted to the dark-side. I haven’t been using “The Force” as is intended, :frowning:

You are talking about integrity? Please, Nunes admits he doctored memo before sending to WH plus it was just his opinion to begin with. We havent’ seen the report that he made this opinion from.

Party first, country and democracy is not there concern.

Or, the speech writers put it in knowing that Trump might not catch it? Meaning that he was unintentionally referring to himself. maybe

Also love this phrase by Winship! “the perennial White House speechwriting game of Mad Libs.”