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Something Strange Is In the Air


Something Strange Is In the Air

Oya Ayman

It was surprising when there were few fruits on the cherry trees at the beginning of summer, the very same trees that had blossomed with white flowers the previous spring. Most of the buds had been sunburnt and dropped before they could become fruit. We could not make sense of these small burnt fruit despite there being no frost. We stumbled upon the reason from an elderly farmer who has been taking care of cherry trees for many years. The things he had to say all showed signs of how climate change is going to affect food production:


Wonderful writing, and a horrifying subject. Thank whatever gods there are for strong drink.

Hopefully there is the political will in some survivable regions to take the necessary measures now in order to ensure that their peoples, citizens, are provided some measure of food security as this unfolds.

The resource wars that have already killed millions seem only lukewarm at this point...


I hope to see more from this writer.


The Climate Change news gets worse and worse with each passing day and month. This story is perhaps the most terrifying one I've read in quite some time. When will people realize what is happening to global ecosystems and food production?! This is why near term human extinction is most certainly likely if we raise the global temperature even just by 4C from pre Industrial times. It is because plants cannot adapt to such a swift rise in temperatures. When we are unable to grow our food (grains, fruits, vegetables, etc), we will starve. We are all on a path to global famine and starvation. And we are only hastening it by further burning fossil fuels. God pity the children being born today.


God pity the children being born today? The news of this article begs the question of WHY people still choose to bring yet more human beings onto this planet. My friend just brought forth his FOURTH child. Is the selfishness of the parents so blinding that they cannot see the legacy that they are leaving their children? I simply cannot understand why people are still procreating when this is what faces their progeny. Why?

I by the way, I am a woman and I chose not to have children. The Pachamama is stressed enough already.


In Northern California I picked my last tomatoes after I picked my pomegranates. First time in over 20 years.


Wonderful to see these sorts of insights coming into the political sphere in general and into CD.

Perennial crops and broader crop systems patterned after ecologies usually respond better to unstable climates, and they also cost a lot less from the point of view of labor and energy.


Thank you Oya for the update from Turkey.

It goes without saying we should have a website dedicated to collating all the local phenological effects of the rapidly changing climate.


What I would hope to see is unraveling the silence in regards to Geoengineering. Please go to GeoengineeringWatch.org to learn the truth behind weather manipulation.


Nice article. Thank you. We don't even have 10 years before the foundations of civilization collapse, food production and water. Geo-engineering cannot help anything when there is out of control increasing production. Change will not be stopped while there are increases in everything. So little attention is paid to the delay in reactions by decades. Today is the result of 30 years ago. Even populations are increasing and yielding increasing agricultural production which yield increasing greenhouse gases. The populations will not just stop and roll over and die. They will thrash about as is their due. Humans are as blind as deer, if not more so. So needless. So heedless.