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Something That Doesn’t Love a Wall. A President Who Does.


Something That Doesn’t Love a Wall. A President Who Does.

Michael Winship

In 1961, the poet Robert Frost was asked to recite one of his works at the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. At the ceremony, as Frost tried to read the poem he had written for the occasion, “Dedication,” the sun was so bright and the text on the page so faint that it was difficult to see, even when Vice President Lyndon Johnson handed Frost his silk top hat to shield the glare.

Instead, Frost recited from memory “The Gift Outright,” a poem he had published nearly twenty years before.


if this country continues down the path it is on we will regret this wall. how would we get out if those days come? canada cannot and will not take all of us, calling us immigrants and remind us of such a brutal way we handled our own immigration policy. this president has an ego too big for any country, and he truly has no concept of the word compassion or empathy. imagine willing to let millions go without their food stamps or their payments from hud to pay rent. this is not to mention the federal workers who will have to work months to make up for this shutdown spree. it’s ok trump, your shutdown was longer then obamas, now it’s time to negotiate instead of a temper tantrum.


I just tried to envision Trump reading a poem aloud. FAIL. ERROR. ABORT THOUGHT.


If you are interested in getting a sense for how absolutely stupid an entire border-long wall is, here’s a nice visual reference with short clips of key geographic areas:

It makes zero sense, none, especially when most illegal immigrants come through ports of entry.


There is a National Emergency, and it’s not just at our southern border.

It’s affecting our entire country.

Correction : the world.

It began on January 20th 2017, and continues till today.

It’s now attempting to deflect the nation’s attention from it to another false narrative.

It’s divided our people.

It’s akin to a cancer eating it’s way through a once healthy people.

It’s ugly.

Everyone here knows it too.


Yes. There is also an ocean on either end of the border. Ropes with grappling hooks, rope ladders, etc. The ways over, under, and around a wall are numerous. Stupid ideas come from stupid people and are wanted by stupid people, like our poor excuse for a leader, IQ45 and his mindless minions.


You miss the point of both Mr. Winslip and the late Poet Frost. It will be even more of an outrage if it is effective - just as the very-effective Israeli apartheid wall is such an outrage.

As Michigan Rep.Tlaib repeatedly and passionately said on DN just an hour ago, almost all the talk about the “effectiveness” or “cost” wall is a distraction from what is really wrong about it.


I get it—fundamental racism. The thing is, it’s not unfair to criticize its sheer stupidity either. Unless it’s manned with towers and maintained regularly, it won’t even get close to fulfilling its racist purpose, which it won’t anyway since most illegal immigrants come through ports of entry.


The conversation or idea of this stupid wall, is just a reflection of the lower than low standards of debate and state of things. It is a symbol of the general infantilization of the public conversation.

It is a diversion from talk about the real walls, the steady and invisible ones, erected to divide rich from poor, educated from not, sick from healthy, immigrants from the rest…or other countries from this one…the very idea of exceptionalism, emphasized strongly by none but Obama himself, implies the same principles of enclosure and separation that a stupid physical wall does. So, in my view, nothing new with this wall…same old same old…it’s just not as effective as the others (for which the dems have been co-architects too).


A genuine, non-racist wall would also have to include one along the entire Canadian Border too - including Alaska. As an engineer, I like to think of the challenges of building a mostly-floating wall down the centerlines of Lakes Superior, Huron, the St Clair River, Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, Lake Erie, the Niagara River over Niagara Falls (“terrorists” can wade across the border along the lip of the falls in the off-season months when the electric power treaty permits all but a foot or so of flow to be diverted to the power plants downstream - Michael Moore should have had them do that in “Canadian Bacon”) then down the centerline of Lake Ontario, and the thousand-islands. The wall would have to have a deep submerged section to prevent terrorists crossing with SCUBA gear to a boat on the other side - which for shallow Lake Erie is problematic, as the wall would have to go all the way to the bottom. Special gates in the wall would allow the ore-boats and other shipping traffic through…


Can’t we PLEASE recall that the original terrorists of the Current Era were Jewish as described by Josephus (who was himself Jewish) as he reported in eye witness testimony the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70AD? And can’t we PLEASE recall that the modern state of Israel was created through terrorism, which worked so effectively, that’s probably why the Arabs emulate their Jewish brethren?
Can we PLEASE get some God Damned perspective on who the terrorists really are? …and who controls the media.
We have met the enemy and the enemy is ourselves.
“The medium is the message.”


Oh boy, another racist screed from Ed.


Trump is correct, there is a national emergency, but it is not immigration…it is him! What is needed is a wall around the most dangerous man in the world, with his fingers on the nuclear trigger, before it is too late to stop him.


I was quoting Josephus you ignorant fool. He called the Jews “terrorists”. And in view of the fact that Donald Trump is a "philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler " as described by Jewish observers , and since the most famous wall today is the Jews’ wall of horror in Palestine, and since Stephen Miller is the incarnation of the ugliest Jewish stereotype, and very likely the prime impetus behind this grotesquerie coming on a fake border, my comments are justified. It is more than any other single factor, the Jews’ sense of exceptionalism driving this border wall. Not every Jewish person is on board to be sure, but Stephan Miller and Benjamin Netanyahoo have their DNA all over this.
I have stated nothing racist; however an ignorant person such as yourself might not be able to understand that.


If you don’t want to be exposed for the racist that you are, you shouldn’t couch your arguments in terms of race.


I’m not couching my argument and Judaism isn’t a “race” Wow! You really do think you’re exceptional, don’t you. But really, you are an accomplice.




Oh, I guess you’re an anti-semite then. That must make it OK in your world, but not in mine.


Israel has become a "racist and belligerant " state, quoted from Yuval Diskin, former head of Shin Bet.
“We Are One! : American Jewry and Israel” by Melvin Urofsky.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


I agree, traits they seem to share with you. Although, their belligerence seems focused on Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians, which aren’t a race, so I’m not sure they are racists. They must be anti-semites, too, just like you. And anti-Persian, I guess .


But you really are an asshole. An exceptional one I will admit…

(belligerent…thanks for the heads-up!)