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Something to Teach Us About Living Well


Something to Teach Us About Living Well

David Smith-Ferri

On Sunday, November 6, in Redwood Valley, a tiny agricultural community in northern California known for its premium wine grapes and marijuana and its back-to-the-land ethics, cars spilled out of the parking lot at the local Grange and lined rural East Side Road in both directions for most of the afternoon. In an event sponsored by the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, several hundred people gathered to listen to activists report back from Standing Rock where they had stood in solidarity with Native American Tribes opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.


"(...) An official Caltrans statement in November, 2015 reads, in part, “The
site has, over the last four months, been severely impacted by the
removal of topsoil and the installation of 1400-1500 wick drains. What
little, if anything, remains of CA-MEN-3571 is now inundated with 3 feet
of fill.” ...(...)

I do not consider it hyperbole to say that this is tantamount to a core description of using 'fascist' means of 'doing business'. I say this because it is also 'doing politics' in that it takes the political step of being the decider of what is to be respected and, in an act of desecration, what of the democratic process is to be overthrown/desecrated. That none of the politicians has addressed this is for the travesty that it represents is emblematic of the need to remove those politicians who have been colluding.

The fact that this very basic example of 'exceptionalism' is part of the legacy of the US is also another indicator that can be witnessed in other spheres of life seen through the predatory lens of the power legacy of colonizing. It depends on the predator being able to constantly frame what it wants as 'other'. The system is designed in such a way that it will never have enough, that it will 'externalize costs' using this sort of methodology - a predatory politics of the consummate fact. Fascism, in a word.


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We should make a switch to Alternative Energy, and alternative methods of Healing and Wellness, and alternative methods of Problem Solving, besides War, but the Massive, Consolidated Power of those Profiting off of the status quo fight any chance of those changes ever happening, Viciously,and on a Daily Basis.


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Terrorism: noun, the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.

"Police shot activists, some of them children, with bean bags and rubber
bullets, blasted them with pepper spray fired in thick jets from canisters the size of a fire extinguisher though meant to start not quench fires, assaulted them with LRAD sound cannons (long range acoustic devices), and wrestled them to hard ground, kneeling on their backs and binding their wrists with plastic zip ties."

LRAD can cause permanent hearing damage. Cities have paid victims in lawsuits.



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Actually, that quote is not from Caltrans. If you go to the article referenced it is actually an interpretation of what Caltrans said to a local tribal representative. Phil.Frisbie@dot.ca.gov