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"Something's Gotta Give Here": As 23 Million Families Could Face Eviction by October, Advocates Demand Federal Protection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/somethings-gotta-give-here-23-million-families-could-face-eviction-october-advocates


Please take a minute to read Paul Buchheit’s article from yesterday here at common dreams.
The headline is not about 2021 at all, it is about today and helps fill out this story.

The instant up Covid housing group presented in this new article is a knee slapper.


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I have been saying for well over a decade that critical societal systems are breaking down. Not will be, not might be, but ARE NOW breaking down. And were then. For more than a decade.

I’m still moderately confident that we could still avoid the very worst (climate collapse PLUS ecological collapse PLUS emerging pandemic diseases PLUS nuclear meltdown and/or war PLUS political coups PLUS PLUS collapse of the entire educational system (which bears some of the responsibility for all the rest, among other things). But without a seismic shift in human values and understanding all of those doors will soon close forever,


It looks like you are ignoring the problems for owners of very small amounts of rental property, especially those for which the rent is their only source of income. Make sure that some of the relief goes to them.
Limiting the amount of this relief that can go to one person or one company should limit misuse by owners of more rental property.


I admire your optimism.

I wouldn’t call it optimism (and didn’t). Maybe hope, had not that already battered word not been dealt the coup de grace (death blow) by our most recent ex-president.

Our situation is so grim from 30 years of denial of the one crisis that humanity could have actually rectified had we started then (anthropogenic global warming–call it what it is), that the best we can hope for now is an overshoot mild enough that we might be able to claw our way back down to a 1.5 degree C increase over pre-industrial levels. The other biggies–nuclear whatevers and emerging diseases–have so many causal factors that we don’t even know whether it would be possible to tame them, much less to eliminate them.

But regardless of how we feel, each of us has three options: We can “shuffle off this mortal coil” and leave it to our heirs and assigns to worry about. Or we can sit at our computers and discuss how and why we are doomed. Or we can join the multitudes worldwide who really are taking such steps as can be taken by individuals and small groups, while remaining mindful that chaos creates as many opportunities for constructive action as it forecloses.

It helps to hang out with people who ARE taking constructive steps, or at least talking about them realistically, instead of wasting time and energy with people who insist that all is lost but continue breathing precious air.