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Son of Victim Arrested for Protesting Military Exploitation of 9/11


Son of Victim Arrested for Protesting Military Exploitation of 9/11

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In Maine, a lone voice of protest at a small-town 9/11 ceremony has raised questions about how some mourn, and others exploit, the legacy of that day.

James Roux, whose father was one of the doomed passengers of United Airlines Flight 17, was arrested on Sept. 11, 2015 for interrupting a remembrance ceremony in Freeport, Maine.


James Roux is a prime example of Orwell's quote.. To paraphrase:

In a time of universal ( Amerikan deceit about 9/11 ) telling the truth will get you arrested.


"I reacted to what I saw as the conduct of some to exploit 9/11 victims, promoting an aggressive foreign policy that is contrary to my most core values.."

A Finer Explanation of US Foreign Policy I have never seen.

Again, if you are in Search of Truth, Speak to the Victims.


Roux should have been given a slot as a speaker at this event. He is the son of a 9/11 casualty and had every right to be there. The fact that the war-mongers and flag-wavers were given preference says a lot right there.
9/11 commemorations should, by their very design, acknowledge the casualties from that fateful day, as well as their survivors who were not and are not in some sort of service/military involvement.
It's become yet another in-your face display of flag-waving, soldier-sniffing, uber-nationalist jingoism. That opposing views are not allowed is a very glaring warning to everyone that fascism is descending upon this land.
Alas, when Roux said: "I most love about America the very things that the terrorists hate: our diversity; our freedoms of religion, speech and association; our protections and tolerance for ethnic and religious minorities and of different lifestyles." I have to say, that America is the one that used to be, if it ever was.
I wish there had been a nationwide concerted effort for hecklers to show up at every commemoration that included exclusively war-mongers. I shudder at the thought that what Roux did was an isolated incident.

P.S. I wonder if Roux is on the no-fly list?


I wasn't there, damn...is there a video? probably not, damn...this man and his writing sounds pretty rational to me...seems his basic rights have been violated, will the ACLU help? I hope...his run-in with The True Believers shows how much the MIC is in control...rally round that flag boys, rally round that flag...we are in a total collapse if a man such as this man cannot grieve his loss/our loss with his fellow citizens but instead arrested. Chaos reins.


'This is what true patriotic heroes look and act like.'


I hadn't really parsed this out and am surprised that I was blind to this angle. I can only thank Mr. Roux and the author of the article for the enlightenment. However, the idea that this malfeasance exists comes as no surprize at all. .


Powerful statement. If only it were in the national newspapers, but of course corporate media has no interest.


Thank you for speaking up in such a clear and thoughtful manner! I believe many of us are very much unlike you regarding such a personal and tragic family loss, but many of us are very much like you in terms of our belief that our government's military actions since 9/11 worsen the conditions for most in the world and these violent actions will have long term negative implications for those of us residing in the US. We behave as a nation in a shameful way and have little control in changing that! You spoke up and must have been filled with sadness on that day.
The very best to you!


Be well M. Roux. You honor your father with great fortitude and strength. Thank you.


Mr. Roux would be further dismayed to find out that the 911 attack could not have been carried out by a bunch of armature plastic knife and fork wielding Arab terrorists whom had failed the single engine pilot's training course and those building would not have possibly collapsed so perfectly onto their foundations. I applaud Mr. Roux's bravery and his keen vision however the job isn't done until the real criminals behind this tragic event are brought to justice.


"Resist , revolt and stop the war machine." Amen to that ! It can be done , and if enough of us display Mr Roux's brand of courage , it WILL be done .


Mr. Roux is also in the company of the proud matriotic heroes and heroines. (Automatic spell check at first changed the "m" to a "p" in the beyond-Websters word I just used, after which I insisted on the "m," for my mom would never say she's a patriot, but she has served this community well.)


What Mr Roux witnessed is what is witnessed on ANZAC Day in Australia and Remembrance Day in the UK, every year. Not recognition that what is being remembered is the stupid criminality of thought and bloody futility that was World War 1, but through worship of "service" and heroism these events have become maudlin glorifications of a national jingoism that is even more stupid these days than it was in 1914.


Veteran's Day is coming up. Get your bullhorns ready people, and let the heckling commence!

(Oh, and you might want to have bail money ready and an attorney on speed dial.)


9/11 has become similar to the Alamo in the way that it has been cloaked in a semi-religious, analysis free, symbolism. It is a handy tool for quashing any mention of the varied ways in which our government and "shadow government" have interfered with the rest of the planet. It continues to be used as a justification for "getting them first" Sad that such an obviously intelligent and thoughtful young person, who has had direct experience with loss and suffering finds him self a prophet without honor in his own land.


They certainly must have hated us for our freedoms as they've been so actively removing them at an accelerated rate since 9/11.

Only those so certain that such an attack could come from within, could possibly think a domestic surveillance, and civil rights crackdown with up-armoring the domestic police force into an adjunct military force is the path to security.

It wasn't the government lacking imagination on 9/11, it was the governed.


Jamie, I feel for you. My father died far too young and I have never got over the loss. And I stand beside you in spirit in your protest about the exploitation of 9/11.
My late husband enjoyed watching the PBS Memorial Day concert. I finally had enough of this glorification of war the year that they focused on limbless veterans. I was so disgusted that I wrote a letter to the Editor:

"Last night I watched the Memorial Day Concert from Washington. And I wept. I wept during the
National Anthem. I wept during the number from Les Mis. I wept at the story of the National Guard man who killed himself.

But mostly, I felt deep disgust.

This concert is, ostensibly, to honor the brave men and women who have fought and died so that this country can be free. Please tell me how more than 2200 dead Americans in Afghanistan (and no one knows how many Afghans); 55,000 dead Americans in Vietnam (and about 500,000 Vietnamese); 37,000 dead Americans in Korea (over half a million Koreans); and more than one million deaths in Iraq have made this country safer or freer.

Those numbers do not include the wounded. How many returned – or were left behind – with catastrophic brain injuries?
How many returned –or were left behind - without limbs? By the way, they tell us that PTSD is a
treatable disorder. But how many veterans are being treated?

This concert is nothing but a glorification of war. The more it is glorified, the longer war will continue. For some – Haliburton, the Pentagon and others – that is a good thing. But I ask, how dare a country entice its citizens (and non-citizens!!!!!: foreigners cannot vote in the US but they can die for it; 18 year-olds are not responsible and mature enough to have a beer with their buddies, but they can risk life or limb for their great country) to sacrifice themselves for a non-event of an ideal: “freedom”. The US is in no danger of invasion, no danger of a totalitarian take-over by foreigners, and no danger of subversive
infiltration, which war wouldn’t prevent anyway.

The stories presented during this concert are horrible. The heroism depicted is incredible. But men and
women should not be expected to be heroic to this extent. Those who volunteer for the armed forces may be misguided, but they know what they are getting into. It is their choice to go to war if called.

The National Guard, on the other hand, sign up to – well - guard the nation. They fully expect to be called to assist in natural disasters, civil unrest and other crises within our borders. They do not sign up to be sent for months at a time to God-forsaken places where they are shot at, maimed or killed – and
come home to no job.

I expect a lot of outrage at this letter. I just hope that the outrage is as much against unnecessary war as it is against me."

The letter was not printed.


Corporate media has a lot of interest in covering up the truth about 9/11 because the Amerikan Fourth Estate is nothing but a propaganda media for the Fourth Reich!


Flight 175, not Flight 17.