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Sorrow, Outrage Over IDF Killing of Nurse in Gaza as Deathtoll Surpasses 120


Sorrow, Outrage Over IDF Killing of Nurse in Gaza as Deathtoll Surpasses 120

Jon Queally, staff writer

"We have one goal to save lives and evacuate people. And to send a message to the world: Without weapons, we can do anything." —Razan Al-Najjar, nurse killed by the IDF on Friday in Gaza


Is that a deafening silence I hear from the Democratic Party aligned #MeToo movement?


But wait…Zionism isn’t racism. Israel is not an apartheid entity. And anybody who says so is an anti-semite.



It is really hard to know what to say about this. Clearly the Israeli government will stop at nothing if they believe they are protecting Israel. With the US blocking actions by the UN it is difficult to see what can be done. Personally I would advise the Palestinians to adopt a different strategy. Israel basically holds all the cards. There is no sense getting good people killed with no clear strategy for achieving anything. I don’t see the Palestinians gaining anything more from this protest. I think the have made a point and gotten a lot sympathy for their plight. Since it appears Israel is just going to keep gunning down people who get too close to the fence I think it is time to move on and change tactics. There is a lot of support in the world, including probably most Jews in the diaspora, for the end of settlement building by Israel in the West Bank. The US says the settlements are illegal as does international law so maybe that would be a good issue to focus on.


I doubt if they feel that cold blooded murder of a nurse is “protecting” anything. It’s called acting with impunity and allowing your baser instincts to call the plays.


I’m certain Palestinians really appreciate your advice.



Thank you SO much Israel, and by Israel’s own extension, whether other Jews like it or not, all Jews anywhere, for being the most moral army and most moral people in the world. Can’t imagine anything more moral and clean and heroic than murdering medics, actual true heroes, as they go about their work in dangerous conditions.


You don’t see the Palestinians gaining anything more from this protest.
You don’t have the sense to realize they don’t have anything left to lose, do you?


Most Jews – diaspora and elsewhere – feel that Israel’s defense of its border was a success: invasion stopped; no Jews killed.

As to world support, the UN Sec Gen advised Palestinians to stay away from the fence; Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov suggested innocuously that Hamas and Israel talk. Israel’s Sunni Arab states were silent. The world is beginning to understand that the Palestinians are merely a nuisance.

Which international law says that Jews living in Samaria and Judea is a contravention? Don’t cite UN political pronouncements. They are not law. Besides, Gaza is not occupied. Israel is simply defending a border over which there is international consensus.

The Palestinian cause is justly dead.


I guess not after rejecting every attempt at accommodation - 1934, 1937, 1948, 1967, 1973, 1993, 2000, 2008. They are the planet’s most absurdly implacable population and their cause, frankly, no longer has traction.

Once they understand that they have domicile rights only and no sovereign entitlement west of the Jordan River, their lives will cease to be blighted.


A medic – or anyone – rushing the fence from out of a haze of burning tire smoke is tempting Darwinian consequences.


Isn’t it amazing what many decades of the systematic slaughter of your people on your land will drive some people to do?


Gaza is an Israeli bantustan, entirely controlled and contained by israel. Inhabited by the descendants of families driven from what was once Palestine, where they were farmers, merchants, artisans, for hundreds of years. That is the meaning of these marches.


Huh? The people of Gaza live in an open air prison being denied the basic necessities of life. The US and UK and others in the EU are going to do nothing but wink in approval. The media in the West is definitely no going to tell their story. Have another gin and tonic and go back to sleep.


“NeverAgain!” – yeah, right.


I think the Israel often uses excessive force believing it will deter the Palestinians. However, this doesn’t seem to work and usually winds up with people criticizing Israel. But they keep doing it anyway. It is hard to understand the thinking of extreme right wingers here in the US and also in Israel.


Fatah might agree with my advice and they have been trying to get a halt in settlement building for years but I don’t think Hamas would at all. While Fatah has seemed to come up empty after of years of trying to get some sort of peace agreement I still think they have a strategy that has some hope of working. But not with Donald Trump is president.


I think most Jews, at least in the US, are appalled at the killings at the border and do not like Netanyahu. I think they would like to see the Labor Party lead the government and are completely frustrated with the Israeli government which includes many religious right wing extremists. The strongest support in the US for the actions of Israel seems to come from the evangelicals.


This is the attitude of the Israeli snipers who murdered those Palestinians in cold blood. Thanks for the demonstration of the type of compassion-less and deceitful heart it takes to kill people.


Not that it matters but are you hasbara or just an authoritarian, useful idiot?