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Sorry, But American Democracy Is Still Edging Closer to Disaster


Sorry, But American Democracy Is Still Edging Closer to Disaster

Charles P. Pierce

Wisconsin became the 28th state to back a constitutional convention.

The movement for this convention was born in the dark-money plutocracy of the current American political system.


The wealthy and their minions are psychopaths, and not that bright. it’s kind of horrifying to think of that group amending the Constitution to encode in perpetuity their nasty self serving ideas. I’m too poor to leave the country, so I guess am stuck with whatever monstrosity they come up with…


Oh hell, yes! this is a very clear and present danger. Totally ignorant, craven corporatist domininist loons writing a new! improved! constitution. Oh phucking Hell No!


Just say goodbye to the First Amendment!   No more pesky journalists reporting factual facts instead of al­ternative ones, no more pesky ACLU opposing “christian” displays at secular court houses or resisting Betsy DeVos’ “christan” Theocracy.  Real Freedom — to discriminate anywhere and everywhere, any time and any way we want!!


This has happened before, getting closer and closer to the states calling a convention to get an amendment past.

It never happened. Why? Because the powers that be don’t want an up ending of the entire status quo and they know that’s what a convention could do. So when this has happened before they bit the bullet and passed the amendment that was the stated goal of the convention seekers.

This particular hoped for amendment is a terrible idea. But I think what is more frightening is the real possibility that Congress would pass such a terrible thing and send it to the states for ratification, not the fantasy that the establishment would let a convention happen instead.