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Sorry, Folks, But Donald Trump Is Everything We Deserve


Sorry, Folks, But Donald Trump Is Everything We Deserve

David Macaray

The main reason (besides the grinding repetition) why I can’t bear to watch comedians do their self-congratulatory Donald Trump shtick is that their phony indignation is based on the premise that this guy is somehow unworthy of being our president, which is ludicrous. Trump is not only worthy of being president, he’s perfect for it.


Brilliant piece, and true.




This is a useless piece and dishonorable as well. It offers nothing useful except a puritanical condemnation by whom? Our Jiminy Cricket conscience? Meanwhile people all over this country are marching and resisting and standing up for us all and they are NOT deserving of Trump or his Band of Billionaires/ republicans!

It is so easy to get on a soapbox and blather on but of what use is this crap? There are two Americas and pseudopundits should wake up to that fact! One America marches in Resistance and the other attempts to subvert the former. The corruption of Trump was not what we deserved! Try to remember just who was the most popular candidate and what his party did to him and to us.

The Dems and the Repubs…gave us Trump.

We deserved better.


Speak for yourself Dave. Some of us don’t fit your stereotype.


The culture this opinion piece describes is largely constructed by corporate media and the political class. And, if we’re going to describe it accurately, it also includes denial of a tradition of white supremacy and tolerance for misogyny, both of which contributed to Trump’s election.

But Trump was elected by, what, 26% of eligible voters? So who is this piece leaving out?


An internationally respected Portrait Photographer once explained to me that every Photographic Portrait is actually a picture of the Subject’s REACTION to the Photographer.

The Portrait presented to us by this fellow tells us more about Him than it does about Us.

The people of our Nation have been subjected to Corporate Media Brainwashing for decades now, and I don’t believe in blaming Victims.

Anti-Intellectualism began as a Republican Political Strategy to undermine the brilliant Adlai Stevenson, when he ran against their Great White Hope, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. Hence the term “Egghead” was born.

Want to know the true American, or even Human, Spirit?

Watch any video record of what happened to a room, or theater, or stadium full of people after spending an hour, or two,with Pete Seeger.


If there is anything about American society that makes it exceptional, it would have to be the fact that it cannot be reduced to something monolithic. It is absolutely, demonstrably false that all of us deserve Donald Trump as president. We are a pluralistic culture, not a monolith. Our government represents our pluralistic culture. One of the manifestations of this pluralism in government is competing centers of authority - the much lauded separation of powers - wisely built into our system by the founding fathers. The strength of our system, as originally devised, naturally prevented the concentration of power in the hands of any group - up to and including the masses whose power is curtailed by representative rather than direct democracy.

The rise of corporate power has upset this tenuous balance. We now have a shadow government that uses the public face of government as a front. We were offered a false dichotomy in the last election: two alternatives in denial of reality. We were offered a choice between two candidates whose shadow sides far outweighed any positive aspects of their public presentation. The candidate who won, won because he was more adept at hiding his dishonesty. Trump was consciously dishonest, Hillary was unconsciously dishonest.

(This is an incomplete response. I will be returning to edit it.)



Simplistic rubbish.




A brutally honest description of life in America.

I wonder if Mr Macaray has been reading Morris Berman.

While I worry about DT I am also concerned about what follows him because it will only get worse as the economy, climate and MIC lead us down some very dark alleys in the not too distant future.


Portlanta got it right, brutally honest. And Short. The best short description yet,of us, we the people, of this so-called greatest country. I will post it.


If there is one thing the last national election in the USA demonstrated, it is that there is no “common” American. The responses from 1,000 different Americans on the street of what freedom and democracy means to them will likely result in hundreds of different answers.

Concentrating on those differences is a ploy of the ruling class to keep the working class at each other’s throats so we don’t focus on the real issues that affect us day in and day out.

Until we, the working class, unite against the ruling class; our days days of fighting one dragon after another thrown in our path as a distraction will never, ever end.


Agreed. What a horribly cynical and myopic article this is.


Yes I blame you! Shame on you! Shame! You obviously fit the profile perfectly, just like the author says.

Again, shame on you!


This guy must be a Republican. Stating that the many millions who are (and who will) suffer under Trump actually deserve Trump, is like saying that sick people deserve to get sick or the poor are poor because they are stupid and lazy. This “we deserve him” nonsense is an insult to anyone with even a glimmer of critical thinking skills. We need articles that offer solutions and ways of resisting, not articles that are sessions in self-flagellation. Unworthy of CD.


Dahlia11 is right. Her points should have been added. I think the piece is pretty good. But there’s something Macaray left out, or got a little wrong (actually it’s clear he’s not shooting for depth in this piece, which might be why I finished it). Conservatives LOVE their commentators, and liberals LOVE their commentators. Each camp can’t help but imitate the news & opinion purveyors that represent their political ideology. They might pretend to be guitar players and surfers, but at a deeper level they’re pretending more to be adept with information. Neoliberal one liners. This is the information age…or IOW it’s the meritocracy factor that’s preeminent, the one Thomas Frank talks about. He’s right, and it’s sad beyond belief. And what you, reader, are thinking is
correct–the oft published are probably gonna have the biggest problem seeing this situation for what it is. They’re the ones that have bought the info-processing model (or model people) to the max. Analysis of this development goes back to Christopher Lasch. There’s such glorious “scientific” propaganda out there that everyone believes they’re gonna outlive the option for physician assisted dying…or not. Why worry about the legislation germane that’s such a concern for those facing the situation? If they hear about bad conditions at VA hospitals, do they care? If they hear that CA has to ship some of its intellectually challenged people out of state for care…do they care? If they hear about mothers and children languishing for months and months in private immigrant detention centers, do they care? Or, what’s weirder…do they have any interest?? No, these people are not the ones they pretend to imitate, or try to imitate…or try to BE. They try to BE those good looking cats and kittens with great one liners. But, like I say, they’re multitasking. Focusing more on the information mogul thing.


The article was somewhat humorous though H.L. Mencken did it much better 70 years ago. This is a diverse nation and we all have opinions on the problems we all face. What is abundantly clear though is that politicians are there to support the ruling elite class, they just lie and say crap to get votes and then promptly forget about those that elected them. It’s been that way for at least as long as I’ve been alive and for sure, sooner too. we just have that rare case of seeing the reality of the system played out in living color these days, for entertainment purposes only. Reality TV at it’s finest except this time many real lives are at stake. Let’s all hope reality doesn’t bite all of us really hard.


I am still surprised. How many Americans were raised to lie all the time? How many were raised to brag about sexually assaulting women? How many were raised to be scam artists? How were raised to believe whites are superior to other races? How many were raised to praise dictators? How man were raised to support fascism? How may were raised to disregard the US Constitution? How many were raised be believe the press only puts out fake news? Americans do not deserve Trump. He was only elected through massive voter suppression in certain key states, Russian interference in the election, fake news stories from abroad, and James Comey avoiding all the advice he received from the Justice Department and going ahead with announcing a further expansion of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails shortly before the day of the election. Trump has nothing to do with American values and only has values in common with a small percentage of Americans.