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Sorry Means Sometimes Having to Admit You're Racist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/16/sorry-means-sometimes-having-admit-youre-racist


My life has been spent in Texas, Missouri, Alabama, and Florida, so I think I have some perspective on this matter. Last year, I visited the Equal Justice Initiative’s Memorial in Montgomery, AL. I currently live in the Florida county that has the longest list of lynchings on record as memorialized there (but is still woefully incomplete). Today’s doings might have had me passing through Rosewood, FL (please look it up), where I cannot escape history in any way shape or form. The sins of the past live on in the hearts and “minds” of too many. The solution, if there is one, will not arrive during my time on this Earth. All I know is that I can be better, even if I can’t foist my principles upon others. One at a time. One at a time.


The thing about racists and fascists is that they don’t apologize for racism.


It’s long over due for the racism in this country to be squashed, ended period. Fathers Day is the perfect day to start this campaign. Accomplishing this goal is not easy, but it must be done, and it starts with every parent and grandparent in this country. Every child in every generation from this point forward must be taught to respect all people, regardless of their skin color. When you see the opposite happening, it’s you’re duty to speak up and correct the situation. Like WiseOwl, I too live in the deep south, and was confronted with this problem head-on. When I married a southern woman with children from a previous marriage, I had the problem of her sister teaching these kids to be racist, I confronted her, and informed her that if it didn’t stop that minute, she would never see those kids again. To say I was very unpopular inside my new extended family, is a understatement, but it worked. I’m proud to say all 3 became adults with a healthy respect for all people, and are now teaching their kids to do the same. I believe this is why these “kids” still have a parent-son relationship with me to this day, even though their mother and I have been divorced for years.
Racism is a taught skill, we’re not born with it…teach you’re children well.
Happy fathers Day to All.


On the specific issue of the Central Park jogger, it is worthwhile to hear all the evidence. Ann Coulter makes a good presentation of it here:

… and other places that can be looked up on the web.

She remarks that even if you believe these five hadn’t attacked Ms. Mieli, they did admit to attacking others in the park that night.

And if you believe that crime is an inevitable consequence of past injustice and inequity and current inequality, then accept the further consequence that you will be a victim of crime, and deserve to be. Perhaps you will be ‘lucky’ and only have to pay protection money to your local set of the ‘Bloods’ or ‘Crips’…
[or Jets or Sharks…]

To add to the above.

The worth of coerced confessions is the very thing at issue here. These were young people, without representation, subjected to intimidation, threats, trickery, and marathon interrogation techniques. Their rape-related confessions were demonstrated to be unreliable. Other confessions, also with no corroborating evidence, obtained at the same time by the same means would have to be seen by any reasonable jury as equally unreliable.


A fair charge…
30 people were picked up by the police in/near Central Park that night. Only 5 were charged. There were the confessions, which might or might not have been ‘coerced’ as you described. There were also statements by the 5 of things that only the perpetrators could know about, and statements by other witnesses that implicated the 5.

More details are in the articles and in the books referred to in the articles.

the underlying refusal of those still steeped in white supremacist hatred is dripping from some of the above respondents. ugly continues to rule the day. If you want to know how bad it really still is in the south and elsewhere try reading some outstanding books.

Tony Horwitz CONFEDERATES IN THE ATTIC, and his latest completed before his tragic death recently, SPYING ON THE SOUTH, and then you must read THE END OF THE MYTH:the frontier and the wall in the minds of America, by Greg Grandin, brilliant piece of work. Until we come to terms with what this country has always been, we will not be able to change a damn thing.


Just read this, and find myself stunned and infuriated by all the questions not posed, or addressed, in the piece.

But maybe it stands on its own, speaking, as it does, about where we still are, in our racist capitalism, when employees of a lousy dollar store call the cops over a $4 doll, and the resultant justification for such a brutal reaction by police.

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And, of course (goes without saying, again and again) police chief Jeri "Williams said. “I assure you that this incident is not representative of the majority of Phoenix police officers who serve this city.” "
Of course it is not representative of the majority of (Phoenix) police officers. That why it has to get said for each and every such incident - so many such incidents to state that. It irony is built in to that too-oft repeated claim about the local occupying officers (LOOs).

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Have to admit to muddled-brain moment. The child was 4 years old, not a $4 doll. That was probably more like just $1.

I could excuse myself for being so frustrated by what I’d read, and my eagerness to share it here on CD.

My apologies.

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I’m posting a link below about this incident you might be interested in. I haven’t been able to figure out the guy running the site (whether he stands for good or evil), but apparently he used to be a police trainer, and has damming information about the police actions in this case. It’s less than 12 min. long, and a rebuttal to Phoenix’s police chief public statements.


Ann Coulter is a worthless source–a malevolent sicko who should be ignored. If you want people to take a broader look at the issue, find someone reputable to present it. Don’t cite a renowned hack if you want anyone to take it seriously.


She advocated for dropping nukes on N. Korea, you know, because she’s a stickler for protecting innocent lives.


being raised in the military i can say this; the military doesn’t allow racism in its troops. we as kids didn’t give a toot about who was who; in our quarters area we had puerto rican, guamamian, black, white, chinese, just to name a few. and at 5:30 our fathers all came home to their favorite kinds of ethnic foods. what a delight to learn what ceviche was from one mother and won tons from another. there is racism in the ranks but is hidden from view.

Unfortunately, there will always be the people who reply “yeah, but…” no matter how clear the overall situation is. And while of course it is not true that every statement made by Ann Coulter is false or a lie, she is very clearly biased, and not only that, but she is biased in the wrong way. When a country with the history that ours has starts to try to make excuses for its genocide, for its slavery, for its racism, you have to demand that they just shut the hell up. Sure, SOME of the civilians who were vaporized when we dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima (and again on Nagasaki) were probably “bad people” but please… So what we are talking about here with the Central Park 5 is that had the victim been black and the suspects white, the entire process and outcome would have looked COMPLETELY different. And this is not because of sloppy work or “accidents” but because of racism, pure and simple. So just please, shut up.

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A rationale to note, for why the perpetrators of certain crimes should never be caught, tried or punished; because if the races of victim and perpetrators were reversed, then…

A wonderful society you are promoting there.

Nothing I said implies that criminals shouldn’t be caught, etc. Nothing. If you disagree, show me, carefully and clearly.