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Sorry, President Trump, There's Nothing "So-Called" About These Angry Constituents


Sorry, President Trump, There's Nothing "So-Called" About These Angry Constituents

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump belittled engaged constituents on Twitter Tuesday evening, dismissing those who are showing up to local town hall meetings nationwide as "so-called angry crowds."


A pattern seems emerging. Living in a solidly Republican state, subsequent to a recent public forum with state legislators, an attendant legislator tweeted that legislators are to asked questions by constituents, not listen to constituent comments. This tweet was retweeted by another of the legislators, and supported in an editorial by the local newspaper. Effectively, what is being presumed is a kind of neo-feudalism. Elected "representatives" are effectively lords who are to inform the serf/public of the public's forthcoming fate, not democratic representatives who are to foster constituent values.

What has happened to democracy?!


"What has happened to Democracy?"

It's been being 'Sold' to the highest bidder, for decades, and the two most unethical organizations on Earth, the Democrats and the Republicans have 'Lied so Convincingly' that even now, in the last election, the majority of those who voted, bought the farm again.

Sad. They just don't learn.


"What has happened to democracy?"

America has never been a true democracy by my definition which is: PARTICIPATION IN POLITICAL POWER. The average American citizen has no political power. I realized this when millions of us tried to stop the fascist, shocking, illegal, and awful invasion of Iraq which murdered so many innocent, people.

America has always been especially; in its fascist foreign policy of hubris and hegemony for nefarious reasons, a fascist wolf, hiding in the sheep's clothing of being a democracy.

Maybe the one good thing about Trump, is he is exposing what America really is: A FASCIST WOLF, as he is removing the wool from many eyes so they are now seeing the truth.


One way to overthrow fascism is from the bottom up!
* If We the People continue to protest, organize national strikes and resistance, BDS the products and stocks of these greedy warmongers, protest every fascist move and decree, use every legal process to stop this fascist clown from his endless dictate by tweet, we could win.
* But, we must also be seeking out and supporting those who would truly represent We the People and work toward their elections and appointments.
* The cancer of Herr Twitler must be removed soon, lest it metastasize and our nation die. These continuing and growing protests are heartening to me.
* Remember, successful fascism depends on obedient worker bees to do the work.
* It is becoming apparent that if they want to remain in power, they'll have to roll up their sleeves and become "worker bees". They won't. "We shall overcome!"


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -JFK We're just about there folks. Be prepared.


They are the resulting output from the republicans war on education


When the deep state assassinated JFK and it was whitewashed and covered up by the Warren Con..mission to me, that was the coup de ^grace of American democracy by the fascist, deep state.

Ever since that time, starting with the murderous, bloody, and egregious Vietnam war where 55,000 American soldiers, not to mention by some estimates, two million Vietnamese were murdered for a fascist lie, I would argue, that on November 22, 1963 that was when Amerika became the Fourth Reich. Trump is the perfect divider in chief, the perfect leader of the Fourth Reich!


About "state assassinat[ion]", an interesting issue to me is the death of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, whose airplane just "happened" to crash with little subsequent information by the FAA or anybody else about what led to the crash. Wellstone's death has a reeking stench about it.


There were even suspicious circumstances surrounding LBJ's death in 1973, including State of Texas protocols not followed. Former POTUS LBJ was starting to talk a little too much at the time.

Having hired guns promote him and his businesses for decades, Trump the alternative fact actually believes that the only way you promote a person, product or idea is to have hired guns.

Tell lies often enough and you start believing your own lies.


If memory serves, the same woman who oversaw the Flight800 investigation for the NTSB also oversaw the Wellstone plane crash clean up (cover-up.) It was at and after Wellstone's funeral that we first heard chants of "Get Over It!" from republicans. (As in "He's dead, get over it!") Sound familiar?


Here's a link to the planned outcomes of Betsy DeVos and the republicans plans for Education funding: http://www.startribune.com/here-s-what-the-school-choice-act-would-jettison/414419473/.

I went to www.congress.gov and got the rest of the story on HR610:

"No Hungry Kids Act

The bill repeals a specified rule that established certain nutrition standards for the national school lunch and breakfast programs. (In general, the rule requires schools to increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat free milk in school meals; reduce the levels of sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat in school meals; and meet children's nutritional needs within their caloric requirements.)"

Repealing nutritional standards for school lunches sounds like a giant step backwards to me. And we thought it was horrible when Reagan called ketchup a vegetable!


Trump said it for all to hear, "I love the poorly educated."

Tucson Don, I think both parties have had a hand in overlooking Education. Let's be fair and balanced. OK?


He must say that every time he looks into a mirror.


I do not purport to know what happened to Paul Wellstone, but there is strong circumstantial evidence because Paul was an anathema to the Authoritarian state his death remains suspicious, to say the least.



But Trump does not lie, he just has "alternative facts".


Oh, but Trump does lie. Like a rug.

And he lies so often, only he believes it.


So-called President in the White House.
So Sad!
His family must be so-o-o-o, humiliated.


We are the change that needs to happen. Demos. We mobilize relentless actions - as we are - careful not to burnout. We watch for movement away from dictates by the Oval Office. Dictates stop - then, we pivot toward a political path. Meanwhile, Bernie, Jill, Keith and others must choose the one viable path forward - TOGETHER - forward. This will take establishment defectors, by the hundreds, if not thousands to help bring back the DEMOS! Keep on Smilin'. !SERIOUS! We must Keep on Smilin'.

For my part: Oh, I forgot. Burnout kills movements. Helping one another is key. I have a retreat that I call home. It keeps me from town, when I really need to add my presence at protests, too. Protestors in town need a retreat, away from the sprawl and pollution. For some quiet and clean air and a campfire respite, I say, let's all work this out together - for the long haul!

From Neil Young at Farm Aid 31 (paraphrasing)
The [Green] Revolution is helping your neighbor
with good [non-gmo] food, pure water and clean
air; and letting your neighbor help you back.


Time we changed that, no? Total, rolling, non cooperation what will get their attention, what will make us the actual breaks in this parasitical machine. As I write, the legitimate inhabitants of this land are being evicted in North Dakota, the rights of nature and the rest of us are being trampled upon by neo-fascists--are we not ready for a General Strike and non cooperation??