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Sorry, Says Experts and Critics, Setting Up Shell Company During Presidential Campaign to Make Secret Payments to Hide Extramarital Affairs Not 'Simple Private Transaction'

Sorry, Says Experts and Critics, Setting Up Shell Company During Presidential Campaign to Make Secret Payments to Hide Extramarital Affairs Not 'Simple Private Transaction'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Legal experts and prosecutors are pushing back against the claim President Donald Trump made early Monday morning when he said his secret payments to silence women claiming extramarital sexual affairs with him were nothing more than a "simple private transaction."

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No big deal to lock up a crook who continues to break every law in the book. So why is it taking so long?


There’s only one place for a lying, denying felon:


Then, if he chooses, give him a gun with only one bullet in it.

If he has the guts to use it, there will be the “Smocking Gun.”


In my humble opinion, anyone who thinks that any president of the United States, no matter how incompetent, no matter how corrupt, no matter how buffoonish they may be will ever see jail time or any other form of punishment, is totally and completely delusional.

Even as every headline claims that Trump’s adversaries are “closing in,” his poll ratings stand at about 45% (50% in a Republican-slanted Rasmussen poll) and every Republican in Congress is behind him. Even if Democrats in the House were to impeach (they won’t; Pelosi will never allow that) he won’t be put on trial in a Senate run by Mitch McConnell.

Face it, folks: This government is as corrupt as any we have ever had in this country, and no one will pay a price except the poor deluded masses who can only watch, powerless as they lose everything.


I’m actually so fed up with all the lies and bonehead postering by Trump and comp. that I don’t care what happens to him—just please, someone, shut him the fuck up.


This article fails to mention the ‘catch-and-kill’ operation conducted at Trump’s request by the National Enquirer in regard to buying ($150k) and squelching McDougal’s story about an affair with Trump. The owners of the Enquirer are fully cooperating with prosecutors.

I agree with freeopinions above: Trump pretty much can’t be indicted until he’s out of office and he’ll never see the inside of a jail cell – but it’ll be important to keep the details in the headlines for oh, let’s say 22 months or so.


Could be Mr. Nadler? One has to wonder what it would take for Mr. Nadler to say: will be grounds for impeachment! Demo rats are always tap dancing.

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When the “justice department” doesn’t prosecute and severely punish criminals in office, we get . . . . . . er, ahh, . . . . . well, we get the dominating corruption we have. It pays so well to be a lying weasel!
The ‘justice’ system is part of the anti social power structures that coerce and ‘protect’ without democratic accountability.
There will no democracy without thoroughly cleaning all the rooms in our house.

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Yes, the 45% will back trump no matter what happens.
I can understand millions of people taking to the streets to celebrate a dictator being locked up.
We will have a situation here where millions of people will be rioting in the streets because a dictator was locked up.

Hi Tank,

I respect each and every one of my fellow commenters here at Common Dreams, however, we have never seen a United States President commit this level of abuse of power, obstruction of justice, conspiracy with a foreign power to influence a presidential election, fraud, theft, etc., etc.

I respectfully disagree with you, freeopinions, and anyone else that says Trump will not be indicted until out of office.

Trump poses the greatest threat to our national security every day he inhabits the White House.

It’s my belief that many, many of Trump’s inner circle who have been complicit in these crimes with him will also be indicted and convicted.

We all have been witness to the abuse of the position he has held 24/7 for nearly two years.

Yeah, he has lots of money, but this level of crime cannot go unpunished.

I am committed to remaining optimistic that Robert Mueller has enough evidence already to bury the Orange Would-Be Mussolini.

God, I certainly hope so.


I think you’re going to be disappointed about an indictment. Most legal scholars believe a sitting president can not be indicted:

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I suspect that the founders of our country never, in their wildest dreams, could imagine that the people could elect such a complete moron to the highest office of the land. Therefore no particular mention of penalties for the person doing really stupid shit.


Well, Trump pretty clearly violated campaign finance laws. Maybe once he’s out of office, he’ll be prosecuted.

Impeachment definitely will not happen.

The incoming D majority in the House could, and possibly will, vote to impeach. The Senate, with its R majority grown even larger due to midterm election results, would almost certainly not vote to convict, absent some unimagineable change in circumstances.

As it stands today, I’m truly doubting d-party reps from red states would vote to impeach, nor will Pelosi bring it to the floor.

She’s a corrupt hack, but she can count.

Will further revelations have their influence? Stay tuned…

Perhaps the Republican majority in the Senate are awaiting Trump’s Smocking Gun before they vote to impeach.

The many naysayers here at Common Dreams may begin to see and be more positive once Mr. Mueller shows all of his cards.

If anyone ever deserved Impeachment, Indictment, and Incarceration, it’s Dolt 45.

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And if it so happens that he is to be left to run this country into the ground for another two years, a million people, one bag of feathers, and one bucket of tar, ought to do the trick.

Don’t sweat it Gandolf.

Donald Trump will be gone before 2020 gets here.

You can put that in the bank.

gandolf the grey.