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Sorry Trump, Americans 'Care a Lot' About Your Tax Returns


Sorry Trump, Americans 'Care a Lot' About Your Tax Returns

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has claimed that the American people "don't care at all" about whether he releases his tax returns. Turns out, he was wrong.

In fact, new ABC News/Washington Post polling data released on Monday shows that 74 percent of all Americans, including 49 percent of his own supporters, say he should release his tax returns.


Won't happen.


Looks like Sweet Potato Putin is just going to do what he pleases.

But hey, emails.


Question here. Getting to the matter of how likely is it that this info will come forth even absent voluntary release?
Could tax returns have been hacked?


I think it would have to be an IRS leak.
But anythings possible.


I would venture a guess that his everything is being looked at right now. Takes time to unwind it all but it will all come out. His kind of secrecy makes people question even more and he's making lots of enemies in his efforts to be king.


I cold not care less about his tax returns and it has no influence on my assessment of the man's behavior. He is mentally ill and a danger.


"No, I don't think so. I won. And became president..." I'm certain this isn't the first time a Prez won without the popular vote (you and I). But it does show how redistricting can win an election. Common Dreams had an article anger years back that had pointed out that the GOP was going from state to state and making districts that would make it impossible to lose. Considering Trump lost by 2.5 million votes, I think it worked. If 2.5 million votes don't count, then how could one vote make a difference? The other question I have is: where is the media, Congress, House of Reps(remember those people?) law professors with this subject? How does the Electoral College benefit us? Think of all the times taxpayers have spent money on updating machines, except Florida with the hanging Chad incident (which they ended up stopping counting illegally). All that money and this is what it has given us: a sexually offensive CEO that cries everytime someone calls him out on his insolence, and yet have no perceivable view on the perpetual war, the longest recession in America in recorded history, and has openly admitted to admiring how Putin runs his country. It seems we have put ourselves in a tight spot.


Or (wait for it....) BENGHAZI !!! :imp:


Hey Look!
There's a Red under your bed! He's going to hack your emails! (even though his I.P. address is DHS.)

Well, at least they fooled you! (Moar War!!!!)
The Russians are Coming!
The Russians are Coming!


I agree. The Donald is Damaged before he even sits down in the Oval Office. He may survive though, since the hacker family: The Mercers, cousins of Bushes, who hacked their way to billions in the stock market, saved his campaign and the computer voting machine results at the last yearning second.

I kid you not. The Maryland Mercer family originally gave Lying Ted Cruise 15 million dollars and then dumped his azz when the Donald tore him to pieces. Poppy Bush didn't only have his son in the race! He hedged his bets.


Yes, because war is the only possible outcome, right?

If you're really concerned about war, you might want to consider the deliberate provacations from Trump and Tillerson re: China.

But hey, you keep telling yourself that Trump isn't Putin's poodle and is some kind of peacenik. Whatever gets you through the night.


Nuclear war is unsurvivable my friend, so you can't even take the risk. You can't invade the Ukraine and mass 1000 tanks and missiles on the Russian border like Obomber and Clinton were doing and hope to survive.

Hello Mr. Vox, Hello?

Russian has over 7500 nuclear warheads, many of them mobile launchers and nuclear submarines and a huge airforce and huge Navy. China only has 250 warheads and one hand-me-down Russian aircraft carrier.

Now the odds are, that an accidental launch that vaporizes your state is much greater in a conflict with Russia. So I'm happy about Trump casinos and Tillerson oil wells in Siberia.

But, as you pointed out, I'm not happy about Trump and Tillerson's clumsy comments about China, since warmonger Henry Kissinger, Clinton's mentor and vacation soul mate is over here causing trouble. Everywhere he goes, a war soon breaks out.

Maybe he'll die soon before he gets me killed. He's over 90, but he wants to take the whole world out with him! At least his little Bride of Frankenstein: Hillary Clinton's finger is no longer on the button, and her "Pivot to Asia" nightmare is running out of steam. She started seven wars and there's only 11 aircraft carriers...

So there's that.


How about those OLD tax returns that are not under audit, Donnie? If I were in charge of the IRS, I would immediately stop the audit of this year's returns from Donnie and sit back and watch the show.


It's too late for this. And I think by now noone should have to see it. His debt will be cleared by his first year in office at the taxpayers expense. And once Trump gets hold of American real estate, we will never get out of poverty. If anyone saw the article on this site that showed the front cover of the Republicans proposals that showed the food line during the Great Depression, that should have been a big clue. Trump is a true modern capitalist, similar to the old Dutch Trading Companies in the 1600's. No ethics, no morals and the ideology that follows the Luciferian (not the Biblical Lucifer) philosophy of take care of oneself and oneself only, putting all others to the side. His tax statements can be shown throughout the land and nothing will be done. He'll be inaugurated very shortly having lost the popular vote by millions. Thus should tell us something. For me, with modern technology, your Electoral College is obsolete. It may have had a use at one time, but not now. When I was in Junior high/middle school, the Electoral College for my state voted the opposite, blatantly, of the population. It was on the news and discussed in our classroom. But nothing happened. Just like nothing will happen if he gives up his tax info. He will have control over the IRS and access to the private bank called the Federal Reserve. Someone like him will make this a toxic mix for the rest of us without a doubt in my mind. As if running over protesters becomes legal in one state, it will give precedence for until begone law in other states. Trump will have his own assassination did like Cheney and Obama. And a police force not afraid to murder children. He will have a taxpayer funded mercenary army, Xe, formally known as Blackwater, which is a war crimes. And lastly, Trump will have access to nukes. How has it come to this? Tracing history, I have come to determine that it was setup to have this happen. The players may change, but not the play. Our government has only become stricter. Our Constitution is preceded by the Patriotic Act. And our rights have become privlages that Senator McKinney brought about in a hearing on 9/11 with Michael Rupert, look it up. The dude said to Rupert that as a citizen, we surrender our rights to the government. Trump will never show us anything except his behavior: a sex offender, a corportist, and a tyrant.


In politics, it's never the crime but the cover-up. The liar-in-chief (still a few days left) has shown/proven himself a delusional thin-skinned sociopath and extremist vulture capitalist that cares about nothing but profits uber alles - not peoples lives, not our one and only environment/Mother Earth, and not a sustainable future all people depend on - not ready for prime-time.

The refusal to release his tax-returns and other truths/docs will be the cover-ups along with others waiting in the wings - one cannot build a house of cards and expect bluster and attacks on others to sustain it. When he makes his first official moves in office with support of the R'Con Congress, the backlash will bring such typical shallow responses the emperor will stand naked for all who have not to date to see - he will alienate and energize even more opposition, deny press access and retreat further from rationale governance........if only we had a real opposition party worthy of the name with leaders of courage and moral compass (except Bernie & a few) not also in service to the same masters as the emperor.


That figures.
Just read this morning on usuncut.com that Anonymous declared war on Trump and assures him everything will be exposed. They even mentioned his close ties to Jeffrey Epstien and the Lolitta Express, pedophile plane rides and rape of young girls. Been waiting for that one to come out.
Trumps everything will be in the wind if they do as they have promised.


What we really care about is the speeches HRC gave to Goldman Sachs. The Clintons enriched themselves via the public teat. The Donald made his money via public enterprise. Pay for play is the Clinton way.


We can want all we want. Generally, it ends there.


Hell, I'm still waiting for one "journalist" to ask the president-elect- or any rich politician- why they are allowed to get debt discharged in bankruptcy court multiple times and bounce back financially while those with student loan debt can never get it discharged no matter what their circumstances.