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Sorry Trump, Say Experts, You Can't Just 'Head to the Supreme Court' If Impeached


Sorry Trump, Say Experts, You Can't Just 'Head to the Supreme Court' If Impeached

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced via Twitter that he plans to challenge any attempt at impeachment in the Supreme Court—a legal strategy that has no basis in reality, as experts pointed out.

The president, fresh off a face-to-face meeting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in which Trump complained about his follower count on the website, spent Wednesday morning using the social media service to rant about the possibility of congressional action against his presidency.

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From the article:

“Members of the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives…have made clear they will not pursue impeachment at this time.”

And exactly why is that?

The strongest argument against impeachment—President Pence!—is still, to me, unpersuasive due to the short time remaining in Twump’s unexpired term.

The weakest argument against—that the R-dominated Senate would refuse to remove him—is also unpersuasive because it would compel senators to declare, in public, whether they were on the side of rule by law or rule by one deeply flawed man.

If there were ever a time to “sharpen the distinctions,” that time is now.


To many in congress, trump is their hero. He encourages their blatant corruption. Most republican senators and even many democrats will cheer him on even when they release his pee tapes, wishing they were there. I doubt if he’ll ever get impeached.


The crimes and unconstitutional policies of the Clinton crew and DNC and DCCC are NOT to be dismissed just because the evidence is building against their opponent. We are looking at centuries of brinksmanship manipulations by unethical “players” to acquire rather than to govern a democracy. History, when accurately portrayed, bares this out.


Every single witness subpoenaed to appear before the House Investigators should be given the opportunity to appear voluntarily, or hide behind Trump’s attempts to keep them from testifying and if they don’t show, find them in Contempt of Congress, send the U.S. Marshalls to arrest them and lock them up.

Whether or not the un-redacted version of Mueller’s report is given to Congress, they must continue with their efforts to reveal the truth about this President’s criminality, and pursue removing him from an office that he has never once respected.

If Republican Senators choose to support this criminal conman, that, will be their legacy to bear.

2020 won’t be forgiving to them.

This goes as well for the spineless corporate Democrats wanting to prolong the Status Quo that is robbing our nation of a Middle Class.


I think the strongest argument against impeachment is that we have massive issues we need to address and all of the energy would go into that, something not likely to happen. It would be the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff, but worse. And why go that route when an election is months away? He’s beatable, so nominate someone that can beat him. THAT is the problem, the fact that his opposition is the Democratic Party. I have little faith in that party, no logical person should at this point. God help them if they do in 2020 what they did in 2016.


trump truly is a piece of shit, but…it would be a real public service if ALL news/opinion outlets would please stop showing pics of that ugly, inflated EFFING head of his! Gitmo would be a good place for hom and all his corrupt, evil minions. yeah, kinda feeling it today.


Every day it gets worse and worse. When are ALL of the “pundits” gonna get on the same page (the right page) and start talking about this moron as what he is, a lying, sleazy (wealthy) low-life. This guy exhibits the worse traits of humankind, how in the fuck can ANYONE anymore defend this fuck?


I can’t argue with that, but, as Phred Pharkel suggested on another thread, Brand D could learn to walk and chew gum at the same time. It would be refreshing, to say the least, to see Brand R on the defensive occasionally.

So why not hit them with everything? Emoluments clause violations! Medicare for All! Money laundering for the Russian mob! Free college tuition! Multiple counts of obstruction of justice! The Green New Deal! Let’s rock the bastards back on their heels for a change. Besides all that, as others have pointed out, failure to impeach would be a dereliction of Constitutionally-mandated responsibility.


Nominating someone to beat Trump is not the problem. The corrupt Voting - Electorate System is.


Trump is winning the propaganda war. Much of the corporate media are helping him do this. His laser focus attacks against the Democratic investigators are getting through to the people while the reasons for pursuing him are not getting through. He is successfully preventing his associates and cronies from testifying to Congress in direct violation of the Constitution. Fascism is winning.


Yes. Now would be a perfect time to hit all of the corrupt Congress Members on both sides who are supporting Pig face with everything we have. Keep them busy on the defensive instead of their usual offensive. Time we played the game like we want the win.

  1. Clinton has not been president since December 1999. That is TWENTY YEARS in case you can’t do the math.
  2. A fascist named Trump who has been variously described as a mob boss and whore monger is in the White House.
  3. Time to focus on Trump and drop the incessant crap about the Clintons. It really is not moving anyone anywhere. And I would gladly have a Clinton in office over the mob boss whore monger there now.
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He won the last election. The Democrats went with Clinton. With hindsight, I think most people realize what a massive mistake that was. I don’t think those in charge of that party have learned any lessons. In my opinion, the Russia stuff was their means of not learning any needed lessons, not looking inward. Those at the top of the party benefit greatly from their position within the party. It’s their access to think tank jobs, media jobs, getting paid to go on TV, book deals, etc. And the party is internally undemocratic in many ways. Yeah, vote suppression and outright election fraud is an issue to be sure, but so is massively low voter turnout and crappy choices.


No informed citizen would refute your statement!


What that tweet tells me is not Trump only insane but woefully constitutionally, ignorant and will do whatever it takes to stay in power unlike Nixon who was at least smart enough to resign.


Impeaching Trump over his ignorance of the Constitution is more likely to succeed than the hoax and fraud that is Russiagate.


They will!


Telling bold faced lies to the public constitutes a misdemeanor. We have roughly 9,000 articles of impeachment there alone.Time to get the shackles off the rack and be prepared to use them.


We are on the same page here PB. Time is now, or never to grab these criminals by the ears and drag them off to jail for whatever time is appropriate in each case.