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Sounding Alarm Over Possible #GOPTaxScam 2.0, 130 Groups Warn Lawmakers Against 'Another Massive Tax Cut' for Wealthy


Sounding Alarm Over Possible #GOPTaxScam 2.0, 130 Groups Warn Lawmakers Against 'Another Massive Tax Cut' for Wealthy

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans eyeing a second round of tax cuts—with a rollout possible this summer—130 organizations are urging members of Congress to reject them, because, like the first round, they will "primarily enrich the already wealthy" while threatening even deeper cu


One of the main purposes of the tax cuts IS to defund Social Security, Medicare and other “domestic programs”.

This has been Paul Ryan’s mission since he came to DC in 1999. For Ryan, bowing out of the November 2018 election is code for MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and time for Ryan to take advantage of the $2 million/year K Street retirement job that has his name on it.


The trump regime and GOP are looting America to serve the 1% and it must be stopped! Already we are seeing the gutting of critical safety-net programs and increase of other taxes and “fees” nationally, state and locally to make up the trillions gifted to the very wealthiest in our society, via government Of, BY and FOR the richest!

Those least able to afford these obscene “tax cuts” are the targets to gift the wealthiest!

EVERY dollar that has been, and will be, given to the richest WILL be replaced, either taken out of the pockets of taxpayers in local tax increases and/or programs for the poorest at-risk citizens!

This is a looting of America, not only some pathological “conservative” agenda! This and damn near everything this regime form Hell touches is designed to serve the wealthiest, corporate exploitation, baker/wall street usury, and gut health and safety, and environmental protections for the 99% of Americans that are the prey of vulture capitalism and predatory corporations served by the trump regime!

If only I live to see the day these criminal scum swing from a gallows or spend the rest of their worthless lives at hard labor!


If congress was smart enough to realize that if they cut Social Security the size of the “cookie jar” that is the earnings of Social Security, that they dip into to make up general fund shortfalls, will also shrink. They then might have second thoughts. Unfortunately, because of our system, most of the lawmakers that we are stuck with aren’t gifted with this foresight.


Walmart whined when their profits declined. They were all for the cuts in food stamps, but then it bit them in the ass.


For any possible nightmare 2.0 tax scam to happen, where are these Rethuglicons going to get the $$$ ? They’ve been robbing our, that is, OUR!!! coffers and this 1st scam bill is going to break the back of the agencies WE NEED. 60-70 million Americans depend on Social Security and Medicare.

There is $2.8 trillion in Social Security trust fund there to pay out 100% benefits until 2034, and then 77%, which is still great! All we need to do is “scrap the cap”, remove the cap of not paying FICA at $128,000.

Again, if the rich just paid their fair share, this country would be so different. I read recently that about 40 million!!! Americans live in poverty. And we live in the richest, or one of the richest countries in the world. Rethuglicon party, cult 45’s party is insane and all need to go to hell…


If there is another massive theft, in the guise of a Tax Bill, this, will be the call to arms.


I’m not sure that you’re enlisting to be in the First Wave that arrest these scum Emphyrio, but if you are, I’ll gladly be beside you.


130 Groups? This is why the people never win! Instead of 130 factions, why dont these geniuses merge into one massive Resistanxe? Is it that difficult to figure out?


Elyssium the movie.


Yes, it’s as if they are itching for a fight, a full scale revolution.


A false sense of security if that’s their plan.


It is over 2.9 trillion.


Steven, you are rxactly right. Had we been fighting back with equal force, we would not be in this shit show. Since Revolution is off the table and we have no real Leader, things will get worse for us each day. Seems many people are cool with it all!


Revolution is “not” off the table.

Close your ears to the Duopolys lies.

In 2015/2016 Bernie took our $27 and bailed in the end.

If we had seen through that, and sent our $27 to a real revolutionary party, the Greens, they would had the funds to compete with the two most corrupt politicians of all time.

We didn’t see it coming. We were used.

Do not let yourself be used ever again my friend.


I would be honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with you PonyBoy!

I began in the Civil Rights and Vietnam War era demos in DC when there were hundreds of thousands of us willing to put our bodies where our beliefs and mouths were…I hope there can be a return of that spirit and dedication in today’s world…the critical issues have only increased in scope, along with the power and depravity of the opposition. Never let the bastards get us down! Keep the faith!


I started my college years at the University of Maryland in the fall of 1969, so we must have been in D.C. at the same times.

It was hard not to be politically active during those years as so many of our brothers and sisters were dying 10,000 miles away in a jungle where we had no point in being.

See you at the front.