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Sounding 'Death Knell' for Reef, Massive Australian Coal Mine Makes Strikes Towards Completion


Sounding 'Death Knell' for Reef, Massive Australian Coal Mine Makes Strikes Towards Completion

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Indian energy giant Adani on Monday achieved a "key milestone" in completing its massive and controversial Carmichael coal mine project in Australia—a project, according to a marine conservation group, "that will super charge climate change and sound the death knell for our Reef."


From Carmichael coal mine in Australia to Standing Rock USA we stand in solidarity against dirty and non renewable energy. Mother Earth is our collective Standing Rock. May she heal quickly.


And now more global protests against Fossil Fuels:


Reef or madness


As the Prime Minister of Australia is the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs (Australia) what do you expect?

The assorted Australian State and Federal governments are run by lawyers and accountants and business-people with hardly a scientist among them.

As always in politics, the scientifically illiterate rule and big money talks.


Use the DAPL resistance at Standing Rock as the model. Also, use your social media to connect your communities to resist. Solar and wind are proven more cost effective and environmentally sound.

View the new documentary, Before the Flood, for insight and suggested strategies.

The voice of the population, united in a common cause, is louder than any politician or lobbyist. They fear the masses and will bow to unyielding public outcry.


One of the most racist Colonial countries on planet - why would a mass population who continue the genocide started by earlier white settlers care about other life, such as the biosphere, fundamentally connected to the Earth?

The 50 years of Australian weather extremes is related to Climate Change which is related to fossil fuel including dirty coal.

Australia and especially SE Queensland has had a half century of deadly devastation :: Flood, Drought, violent Storms and Cyclones, Heatwaves and massive Fires - just pick any region and see the unprecedented cycles of damage.

Over the past few days in the SE Queensland Brisbane area three people in seperate instances, and seperated by hundreds of miles have died of lightning strikes.

Over 170 people died in the Black Saturday fires in Victoria and South Australia in 2009.
Will Australians wake the fck up??

The non-Aboriginal population is oblivious.


Only, apparently the majority of Australian people oppose this. Let's better direct our outrage at the grasping leaders and the hellbent on money corporations. This reminds us that this trajectory to total annihilation is not confined to any one country but to the dominant paradigm: patriarchal death cult.


The number of new Australian jobs related to this project have been minimised.
As pointed out by Greg Jericho of 'The Guardian':
"....Earlier this year [2014], it was revealed by Adani Mining CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj that the project is being planned as the world’s first fully autonomous mining operation incorporating mine, railway and port.

“We will be utilizing at least 45 360-tonne driverless trucks. All the vehicles will be capable of automation. When we ramp up the mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port,” he noted...."


" a mass population who continue the genocide started by earlier white settlers"

"Continue the genocide" is a blatant lie.