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South Carolina: Clinton’s 'Firewall' Holds


South Carolina: Clinton’s 'Firewall' Holds

Robert Borosage

Boosted by overwhelming African-American support – particularly that of older African-American women – Hillary Clinton won a commanding victory Saturday in the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary.

Sanders and Clinton have essentially split two states – Iowa and Nevada –and traded blowouts in two. Sanders drubbed Clinton in New Hampshire; she repaid him in South Carolina. March 2 is Super Tuesday, with eleven states, many across the South, making their decision. We’ll know much more then.


"The mainstream media used the Clinton victory in South Carolina to start posting funeral notices for the Sanders campaign."

The M$M singing the praises for the establishment child. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you; I did not know that there was collusion going on in that establishment.

How do we awaken the somnambulant masses?


Remember South Carolina is the home of the theorist of nullification John C. Calhoun, the infamous Pitchfork Ben Tillman, and Strom Thurmond, of Dixicrat fame, among others. It ain't voting for a Democrat. The Firewall Holds, wow.


Bernie Sanders has been written off too many times to declare Clinton the winner after voting has taken place in only four states. But I think if Bernie fails to win Michigan on March 8 I don't see how he can win given how delegates allotted based on proportional representation. In 2008 Clinton won a lot of late primaries but still could not overtake Obama.


If Bernie goes down to defeat tomorrow, I would hope Bernie would go to a third party ASAP! But not a chance! Just wishful thinking, because Bernie in the end will endorse HRC. Bernie has already said as much. Maybe plan "B" would be that if that happens, the Bernie supporters like me, will join me in supporting Dr. Jill Stein.


If Hillary wants to tear down walls and build bridges she should start by tearing down the wall of secrecy between the 100 of thousand of dollars in pay from the bankers for speeches and the text of those speeches.


Borosage sez: "Exit polls reported that three-quarters of the voters wanted to continue Obama’s policies ..."
And then: "Only one in five (18 percent) thought race relations had gotten better over the last few years; 81 percent thought they had gotten worse or stayed the same. Nearly 80 percent thought the U.S. economic system generally favors the wealthy rather than being fair to most Americans."

Hmm ... I think I may have stumbled upon a small problem with the electorate. I doubt this is relegated to South Carolina.


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I must strongly object to your comments. Just because we white people are the dumbest race does not in the least mean we can't have a decent existence. And you have to consider that greed, selfishness, xenophobia and warmongering can overcome a lot of stupidity. Even shittty spelling.


Sadly, It didn't help Sanders that he's a Jew from NYC. One wonders if it had been a different messenger whether the message would have atleast been listened to? I think just who he was was enough to turn off the mostly African American audience. The same will be true across the south. Sanders is going to have that problem with AAs just as Clinton seems to have with people under 30. She better hope that in the fall it doesn't matter whether these under 30's vote or not, because she's a BIG turn off to them. Will African Americans matter this fall since most of the States where they are concentrated outside the cities are in Red States that almost never vote for (D) candidates anymore? Maybe, she's counting on the Clinton name to change that? We'll see.


"Also: the elephant in the room is that Bernie Sanders is Jewish and not Christian. The deep south would prefer a war-mongering pathetic Christian woman to a great man like Bernie. It's all so sad." I've been getting kicked in here for saying the same thing. I think it's because nobody wants to face facts that a nasty streak of anti-semitism exists in a segment of the (D) electorate and much of it in the African American community. Oh well, these folks are as the saying goes cutting off their own noses to spite their face. Bernie has shown over and over again for 50 yrs. that he cares more about the kinds of policies that would benefit this community the most a 1000X more then then the Clinton's have ever shown or done. To the contrary, the Clinton's have been to the AA community like the husband who batters his wife and then says its because he loves her. Sad to say the AA community is acting like that battered wife in voting for them. That part goes like this, I know he's abusive but maybe he'll change. Hillary should know all about that dance shouldn't she? Some people never learn.