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South Carolina Governor: Confederate Flag Will Be Removed from State House


South Carolina Governor: Confederate Flag Will Be Removed from State House

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Monday announced that the Confederate flag will be removed from the Statehouse grounds in the wake of last week's racist murders of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston.


They should replace it with the only confederate flag that mattered: the all white one.




A false flag operation, focused on symbol to stave off substance


Ha,ha,ha…good one


“Those who wish the fly the flag on their private properties would still be able to do so, she added.” Remove the flag and do nothing to end the systemic structures of white supremacy - that is the American way. White Supremacy Continues to Provide Protection for Imperialism http://www.blackagendareport.com/white_supremacy_protects_imperialism


I believe in love of country and patriotism,but I wish they would take down all the damn flags including Old Glory. Since 9/11 they have put flags everywhere. A flag is hung in the middle of the bus stop. While waiting for the bus the flag blows in my face. I sit down in the bus, and am unable to look out the window, because a big flag decal is pasted across the window. Our beautiful American flag is a symbol that people have fraught and died for and should not be cheapened by using it as a propaganda ornament. After the false flag of 9/11 the American flag has been put all over everything in the same way as Germany used the swastika.


In the profound observation by George Carlin: “Symbols are for the symbol minded”


Where has the news coverage and public outrage been for the past 77 years? It’s disturbing that it requires events such as these to raise awareness.


Gosh, you’d have thought 15 years of boycotts against S. Carolina might have clued the governor that people find the Confederate flag offensive.

No. It took the national attention drawn when photos of a terrorist who killed 9 people in S. Carolina posing with the flag were released.


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People first threatened economic sanctions against South Carolina, aimed at forcing the Confederate battle flag’s removal from the Statehouse, in 1994. That same year Columbia Mayor Bob Coble sued to force the flag’s removal.

After efforts by Coble and by Gov. David Beasley failed to bring down the flag, in 1999 the National NAACP called for a tourism boycott of South Carolina, and some groups responded by cancelling conventions and meetings in the state. The boycott took hold in 2000, prompting rallies at the Statehouse by the opposing sides.

Pro basketball’s New York Knicks cancelled a pre-playoff camp in Charleston that year to honor the boycott, and U.S. Open champion Serena Williams withdrew from the Family Circle Cup tennis tournament for the same reason in early 2000, although she did play in years that followed.

By April 2000, state lawmakers were working on a compromise, and later that year the flag was moved from the Statehouse dome and from the House and Senate chambers, and began flying at a monument for Confederate soldiers on the grounds of the Capitol.

The NAACP, however, found the new location unsatisfactory, and the boycott continued.

“We’re just as serious about the need to remove it from where it’s flying as we’ve ever been,” Dot Scott, president of the NAACP Charleston chapter, said Friday. The national NAACP referred a reporter to the state chapter director, who did not respond to calls and an email seeking comment."


Maybe coming down. The legislature has to vote to lower it. The Gov. might want it down, but she might also know they’ll never lower so she gets to have it both ways. It’s both ironic and iconic that a lock and chain are attached to it. You’d think that someone would have pointed out how bad that looks as it refers to slavery.