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South Carolina Officer Indicted in Walter Scott Death


South Carolina Officer Indicted in Walter Scott Death

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A grand jury has indicted a former police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina on murder charges in the case of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man shot dead by the officer during a traffic stop on April 4.


Yet in another case a police officer was acquitted after shooting dead a unarmed black man on a city street.

The man in question had committed no crime and was not running or advancing on the officer. He was walking along the street listening to music on earphones when a policeman yelled at him to stop and put his hands up. When he did not respond he was shot dead.

On review it was ruled the officer did no wrong as he perceived he might be in danger. The officer claimed the man in question reached for his belt.

This reaching for the belt was in fact the victim reaching to pull his trousers up as he was in fact not wearing a belt.

In the comments sections in response to this case the typical yahoo claimed that the thug deserved what he got for not wearing a belt


It was actually a white guy named Dillon Taylor you’re talking about. Shooting was in Utah. No medical aid was given to him either…


I stand corrected. Not only was no medical attention provided but the first thing the officer did was cuff the man as the man was dying.

I believe it was reported that citizens killed by the police in the USA is at a record clip.


I tell my kids to avoid them at all costs. When I was younger I had a squad of them pull me out of my driver window by my hair. I was on a date at Dairy Queen. They were looking for another guy in a black car. They beat me pretty good and then just suddenly vanished when they found out I was just an innocent college student. No apologies of course. They have only gotten worse.


I do hope that for once justice will be served. I am sick and tired of this abuse of fine human beings done by other human beings, who find themselves being superior in the hierarchy.