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South Carolina Removes the Physical Flag: Can It Remove the Spiritual Illness of Racial Discrimination?


South Carolina Removes the Physical Flag: Can It Remove the Spiritual Illness of Racial Discrimination?

Juan Cole

The South Carolina legislature has voted to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the statehouse. It was put there in 1961 as a show of defiance against the Civil Rights movement, i.e. against the demand that the system of legally-imposed segregation of African-Americans cease.


The health disparities are due to some environmental factors, but mostly psychosomatic.

In the mid west and the south, people of color do not have a voice, unless they have a lot of money. Why do black people get so much oesophagal Cancer?

They cannot glance sideways in their everyday lives. Why do they have so many head and neck diseases?

The Illness of the spirit maybe in the Jeffery Dahmeresque racists. But the manifestation is a very real physical disease in the victims.

You want to know why these poor folk can’t get ahead? Every interaction they have to make in the world around them is already a battle. The human body can only be so long at war.


I do not like referring to sports personalities for exemplification.

Stuart Scott kept working at ESPN after he knew he had cancer. There was a small documentary created on him after he passed. You can see how the degenerate world of egotistical bastards treated him even after they knew what he dealing with, primarily because of his skin color.


Surely being subject to discrimination is damaging to the psyche, often it is internalized and held in the subconscious. Also, it is difficult to maintain a sense of well being when one worries about losing their housing or where their next meal is coming from.
I made a post just yesterday about the barriers to finding work and overcoming poverty:
Bipartisan Poverty Shaming: The Moynihan Report at 50 (see the comments).
The stress and desperation associated with poverty has been correlated to psychosomatic illnesses. To the unemployed, healthcare is not affordable and Medicaid is difficult to get. For those under-employed, whose employers do not furnish healthcare at all, or at a reasonable rate, it is even more difficult to qualify for Medicaid. Some people turn to substance abuse or comfort foods to escape or try to quell their pain.
Discrimination and racism inundates the culture of these backward towns and it hangs in the environment like toxic smog. The antiquated, backward attitudes harbored by certain whites are difficult to overcome. They feel their traditional ways of thinking are under attack, so they fight with increasing intensity to maintain the status quo. Some of the Old South tourist towns are marketed on a racist, plantation “heritage!”

Before losing my job when my employer (a family friend) became ill, I worked in the field of family law and social justice. I am very well aware of the discrimination, and the subsequent anguish that goes on in the small town in which I live. I have experienced obstacles myself having to leave college due to financial constraints, and try finding work in my field of choice without the prerequisite degree. It has been a struggle trying to move back to the major city that is home to me, and where full time work is available. Lack of mobility indeed sets one back and I sympathize with those who have it much worse than I do.


Nothing like returning to that WE-syndrome to take the spotlight off the racist component to the statistics of degenerative diseases as raised by Mr. Cole.

One factor is probably cheaper food, and another, that Black neighborhoods are often closest to the growing number of toxic dumps, and places where all sorts of toxic substances are stored–legally or otherwise.

But talk instead about how “we” treat one another.



… and you’re suggesting that Cancer is psychosomatic?


Evidently the think tanks that hire out professional opinion shapers require that they have no education beyond high school. That would account for the lack of creativity, the redundancy of messaging, and the piss poor spelling that is often the case.

Seems to me that you and Dubet are protecting Big Chemical corps. Maybe B.P and its oil cronies are hiring out message shapers to offset the recent ruling on the huge chemical-Cor-exit and Oil spill in the Gulf. It’s the P.R. version of pouring cor-exit over the “event.”