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South Dakota Poised to Make History With 'Unprecedented and Extreme' Attack on Transgender Rights


South Dakota Poised to Make History With 'Unprecedented and Extreme' Attack on Transgender Rights

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

South Dakota could make history as the first state in the nation to bar transgender youth in public schools from using restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity.

All that's missing is the governor's signature on newly passed legislation.

Thomas Lewis, a transgender 18-year-old senior at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, told state lawmakers that such a law "makes me feel like I'm not a human being."


I just do not understand how such a law "protects students".

Protects them against what? What are the dangers they face if they use the same washroom as a transgender?


Any republican as a lawmaker is useless as tits on a boar hog.....They never make any kind of meaningful legislation.....All their Bills are a constant barrage of hate filled laws singling out individuals who are different yet still American citizens........their laws embraces ultra religious implications disguised as caring loving laws.....The GOP are batshit crazy religious zealots....Who all need to be voted out of any government office....They are not fit to serve or govern...They pander to the religious(not really)rich corporate types with cash in hand for pay to play.....Crooks all of them disguised as religious lawmakers......Crooks pretty well describes them....I like to refer to them as assBags.


The Governor probably thinks that a "reasonable accommodation" is to make the kids go home to take a pee.


What the hell are they afraid of? Nothing like objectifying fellow human beings and passing "laws" that ensure their ostracism, abuse and outright torture. What next, a pro-lynching law? There must be some caring, welcoming, tolerant citizens in South Dakota who must VOICE their objections to such laws LOUDLY AND CLEARLY. The Justice Department and the US Attorney General need to jump on this NOW!

What an absolute tragedy!


you would rather create a dangerous situation for one child than make multiple children uncomfortable. Please never go around children.


Yes from my research i've found that "reasonable accommodations" can sometimes include
"The law, as written, considers it a reasonable accommodation to make a kid "hold it" until a teacher is available to escort them to a bathroom like some sort of suspected 7-year-old sex offender. Or to have to walk to a bathroom under a stadium three blocks away, through a snow storm, to pee. Or to simply be told, "there's no bathrooms here you're allowed to use, so you'll have to leave the school. Permanently."


It protects their parents from having to think.


Patent application for the "Daugaard Portable Toilet":

Said device unfolds from a briefcase into a small seat with surrounding privacy screen. It can be used in the back of a classroom in SD or any hallway and allows transgender students or any student with untested chromosome makeup to satisfy their necessary bodily functions without compromising the privacy of other students. Said device comes with small warning flags that can be left sticking in the residual effluent proclaiming "Warning - do not step in the Daugaard".

This should satisfy the new law.


What we see here is what we she from every neo liberal when they are loosing an argument.

  1. they use unnecessarily large words. prima fascia really?
  2. they engage in conspiracy theories and whine about being oppressed.
  3. they conflate entirely different situations.
  4. they preemptively proclaim victory to protect their ego.

Tell me, which demographic in this nation has the highest rate of suicide, depression, and homelessness? Its transgender teens. Anything that potentially reduces hate crimes against this demographic a "progressive" should be in support of. Instead you would like to deny science "the situation of a student and their parents and psychologists deciding they are actually of the gender of the opposite sex and proceeding to act that way socially."


So when they get the crap beaten out of them for using a different bathroom than anyone else will you finally conceded that your ostracization policy is moronic?


how does it protect children when it was proposed by the family research council which wants to do five things.

  1. States and the federal government should not allow legal gender marker changes.

  2. Transgender people should not have any legal protections against discrimination, nor should anyone be forced to respect their identity.

  3. Transgender people should not be legally allowed to use facilities in accordance with their gender identity.

  4. Medical coverage related to transition should not be provided by the government, or any other entity.

  5. Transgender people should not be allowed to serve in the military.


I agree but i think it is important to note where this behavior comes from. Not all of this is internal transphobia, some of it is sheer commitment to ideology. People have admitted to suppressing benevolent impulses because their ideology looked at humanism as an act of weakness. So most of these people do not have feelings or opinions regarding their targets just a commitment to their ideology and leaders at the top who when taken out causes the ideology to disperse. very few people marched for hitler in 1946.


Yes but my point is that many were just following the crowd and were not like that as soon as they were no longer expected to be nazi's.


Indeed the penchent for Nazism sounds exactly like the penchant for the confederacy that i've found in the south. Let me guess the bulk of these nazi nostalgie sentiments come from the east of germany?


There are certain individuals who are not comfortable with their gender. Where it is warranted, medical assistance should be available to them to help them adjust or physically change to the gender they are comfortable with. That said, forcing all other individuals to share their privacy with others who are of the opposite physical gender is completely ridiculous! So much has been written here and elsewhere speaking of how these gender liquid individuals feel but no one except some erudite legislators care one wit about the great majority of individuals who would be more than a little uncomfortable with the opposite sex sharing their washroom. this is an emotional and psychological attack on many, many peoples' idea of their right to physical privacy when tending to nature's call. There are other ways to accommodate transgenders without having them share washrooms.


Maybe i am just too old to come to grips with this transgender notion. But I am trying.

So let's take a hypothetical case. There is a person who has all the trappings of a male human being, but for reasons that God has yet to explain he feels much more like a female. He dresses like a female, he calls himself by a recognizably female name. Let's assume he calls himself Sue.
Anyone meeting Sue for the first time would more than likely take her for female. Absent a Crocodile Dundee-type test of his genitalia, she is seen as female.

Now we get to bathrooms. Sue uses the women's bathroom.



A. What privacy? Its a public bathroom nobody is proposing students share stalls.
B. Since not allowing transgender students to use the bathroom could lead to physical harm on their part as attested by multiple accounts over many years, how many acts of violence outweigh others discomfort?
C. You should be aware that the term "transgenders" is considered offensive to the transgender community.
D. When you say "emotional and psychological attack" you are confusing your own trans phobia with objective fact. If it is a legitimate problem why have transgender students never been subjected to a ban in the past and why is this not a probable in the rest of the world.


Sometimes transwomen especially at that age have trouble being taken seriously in their true identities. Because they are going through puberty and have little experience they can be more easily exposed as a male which leads to humiliation and violence. In this case if a transgender girl were forced out of the girls room because of this law they would have to go to the boys room increasing the odds of assault which has been born out many times. By contrast i could not find a single incident involving being pretending to be transgender to sneak into the women's bathroom and almost all assaults in the women's bathroom are between women.


A facetious response! The US was founded by Quakers and the Christian conservative ideology has been spread throughout the nation for over two hundred years. This attempt to share washrooms amongst genders was tried in Houston and failed. So don't bang your head up against a concrete wall. This kind of venture is going nowhere fast!