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South Korea Welcomes North Korean Proposal for Talks Ahead of Olympic Games


South Korea Welcomes North Korean Proposal for Talks Ahead of Olympic Games

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While also warning of "nuclear button" on his desk, Kim Jong-un called for efforts to "improve inter-Korean relations by ourselves"

South Korean President Moon Jae-in


I sincerely hope I am wrong, but it looks like Trump will not be happy until he attacks North Korea. It is clear to me that Trump does not want a diplomatic solution to the crisis.


Well, if Kim is paying attention (he probably is) he would consider Iran and we are not even talking about nuclear weapons here only a US/Israeli/Saudi suspicion that they might get them in some nebulous future.

Also, it might be advantageous to consider what could be underlying motivations for having nuclear weapons by the respective countries: Empire building or deterrence as in reaction to Empire?


This will certainly put a stop to Trump’s little War plans.

Another Fly in the Ointment, huh Donnie.


The problem here is that the South Korean leader does not have the political courage to make a peace treaty with North Korea, ask the Americans to leave the peninsula and understand that the U.S. has no problem with threats against or from North Korea as it feeds its military industrial complex. The tensions (it is only ‘tense’ if you live in East Asia) are a boon to defence contractors and the loss of South Korea to nuclear war would only eliminate another ‘competitor’ (South Korea) of manufactured goods in the eyes of Trump.
The reasonable demand for both countries to disarm their nuclear arsenals is incredibly sane by Kim Jung-Un, but this would never even be considered by the elites in Washington. The hubris and political ignorance of this administration plus Congress means that war is always a better option than peace. Until we can remove this collection of corporate financed imbeciles from politics, the U.S. government will never be a voice of the people.


The US has command control of the S. Korean military in time of war. (Until the end of the military governments in the early 1990’s the US had full control, including peacetime. Though remember, the US refused to sign any peace treaty with the north, so technically war is still ongoing.) We also set up their KCIA. Furthermore, the place is also chock full of US military bases. There is no two ways about it, the place is a colony, even if neither the South Koreans nor the US wants to admit it. You can forget the two koreas making a separate peace.


Donald Trump is a philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler. In his first 9 months in office he authorized the slaughter of 40,000 people in Mosul, Iraq. The Iraq war was a Zionist operation, entirely supported by if not planned in Israel. (Please see the 2003 Haaretz article “White Man’s Burden”)
Sept. 11, 2001 was perpetrated by Saudi Arabia with assistance from Israel (please see the Lavon Affair).
If any of you seriously believe this is about nuclear weapons, you’ve been fooled. Zionist world domnation.
We are up against an evil we cannot vanquish.


I vote for defense as a primary driver. Nothing ever inoculates against empire, however.


Yes. Regardless of underlying motivations, whatever they turn out to be, this is a nice jab in the eye for the empire.


I read a very interesting post war history of the Korea’s, I think on Counterpunch. The North, aided by allied communist countries rebuilt quickly and without debt. They were a regional manufacturing powerhouse until the fall of the USSR. Meanwhile the South was ruled by US imposed dictators and strapped with debt until the 80’s.

A very clear success story of socialism vs imperial capitalism.


Maybe we should just set South Korea free, stop provoking North Korea, get the hell off their peninsula and tend to our own problems. Trying to be a friend to all countries instead of a bully might help the cause of peace and progress immensely. We’ve never tried this novel approach.
It just might work!


The Olympics is athletes, NOT politics! S. Korea currently is a battlefront of politicians that just can’t put aside their ambitions and shinning nuclear buttons. So that s why S. Korea is a wrong place for athletes, that s why there s little of Olympic spirit right now in the Korean air and that s why I dare you to sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/the-international-olympic-committee-petition-to-relocate-the-2018-winter-olympics-from-south-korea