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South Korean President Moons Bolton


South Korean President Moons Bolton

Ray McGovern

Thanks no doubt to his bellicose national security adviser John Bolton, President Donald Trump has now lost control of the movement toward peace between the two Koreas. Trump has put himself in a corner; he must now either reject — or, better, fire — Bolton, or face the prospect of wide war in the Far East, including the Chinese, with whom a mutual defense treaty with North Korea is still on the books.


I would only deal with South Korea if I were Un. Our president arbitrarily breaks accords with other countries. He has shown the US govt isn’t a reliable negotiating player. I’d definitely let South Korea and China mediate this shit balloon (:heart:️) and hold Trump’s feet to the fire through threats to the Trump Organization. (Taking back all those trade marks for Ivanka’s brand and boycotting mar a lago amongst his friends, etc) Nothing speaks louder to Trump than the dollar bill.


Ray McGovern: What a real patriot looks like!

Moon Jae-in: What a sane President looks like.


i can imagine the next bolton idea will be a Moon shot


● The rich fund 95% of election campaigns, giving them the power to make 100% of government decisions.

● The rich keep the 50% working poor so killer-cop terrorized that they refuse to vote, allowing the 25% most wealthy to win all elections.

● Trump is a paid actor, he reads from a scrip and except for choice of facial expression, he functions as a robot without a conscience


Realty star Trump, who functions in perfect harmony with minimizing taxes
for the rich and maximizing profit for the rich, he makes his own decisions?
How do you plan to prove that?


What happens if the world gets together and decides to boot American military bases off their respective countries?

Direct Democracy



Why is it that the rich design this comment forum in a way that
minimizes our ability to express how corrupt are the rich?

Not putting our reply directly below a comment, do not the rich
know the result of their actions?


If the world comes to its senses and sees the US for what it really is, the emperor will be nekkid. :grin:

This brave action by the Korean leaders bodes well for peace there. Let’s hope it comes to pass.

The US is the belligerent outsider, the ugly fookin’ yankee causing trouble.

With Nikki, John and Donald in charge, the US has become a derided laughing stock, cruel criminals.


The US is engaging in meaningless verbal posturing and so are the two Korean leaders. This nonsense goes on because:

In order for the US to wipe N. Korea off the map they would incur the wrath China on whom they rely for not only trade but the buying of our worthless bonds to service the bloated debt our profligate lifestyle demands.

In order for N. Korea to go all out and wage war on its southern neighbor, it would have to destroy itself to keep someone else from doing it.

In order for South Korea to make a meaningful rapprochement with North Korea, it would have to be rid of the US nukes and troops and other military equipment which would make it a ripe plum for the plucking by the North.


It would be a wonderful thing! They should have done it decades ago. We are the “Rogue Nation”.


I know!


Exactly right.


Yeah, right, Pompeo–The reason he doesn’t want to go to war with North Korea is because he’s planning to go to war with Iran!


Also what true courage looks like, I dare to hope. Ultimately, the USA cannot continue to call the shots without the submission of South Koreans, right now President Moon - who so far looks sincerely and tenaciously committed to reunification. Short of enforcing regime change (economic sanctions, etc.) on South Korea, there’s not much Empire can do today if Moon prefers to ignore it.

Was this last meeting between Kim and Moon kept a secret even from the USA? I sure hope so. That would be saying something.


Presidents Moon Jae in and Jim Jong Un should really keep the whole thing between themselves, and also allow some input from China (ally to North Korea), Japan, and of all countries, Russia, due to geographic proximity. The good news is that all countries have diplomatic and political professionals at work. The bad news is, they don’t always act, or recommend their governments act, in America’s best interests. What a surprise! The two Koreas would benefit from getting their war solved in as equitable manner as can be done, and not have to worry about a loose gasbag like Trump flying around the room. with Bolton following him around with a needle, trying to get Trump to pop.